3 Banners to Electrify the Crowd

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/16/2016

An excited crowd is a game changer. The best sporting experiences happen when the crowd is energized - even when the on-field action is less than exciting. Custom banners and flags are a great way to help raise the excitement and intensity of the crowd. Check out the eye-catching banner styles below for some ideas on how to pump up the crowd and get your athletes fired up.

Banner_Types_to_Electrify-01.pngFIELD RUNNNER FLAGS

Regardless of whether you use field runner flags out at the stadium or in the gym, they always get the crowd on their feet and cheering. There is a rush of excitement that comes with the team being led out of the locker room by cheerleaders charging forward with oversized battle flags.

Some schools go with a single oversized-logo flag while others increase the drama by having multiple flags with school initials or the whole school name spelled out. No matter which style you go with, you will get everyone’s attention and raise excitement immediately.

Banner_Types_to_Electrify-02.pngBREAKAWAY BANNERS

How cool is busting through a banner as you run onto the field? It is an awesome experience, which explains why these banners are so popular. It used to be that the cheerleaders would paint some paper banners for the players to run through, but now we offer custom printed and reusable banners. The custom printing allows the banner to include oversize logos, patterns and textures.  The materials we use allow the banner to be run through, rolled up and then used again and again. Add some drama to your team’s entrance with a custom breakaway banner.



While field-runner flags and breakaway banners offer an instant jolt of excitement, championship banners provide long-term motivation and recognition for your athletes. Walking into a gym full of championship banners definitely sets the tone that the home team is to be taken seriously. Your athletes practice under these banners every day, and they know exactly what each one says and where they might have a chance to make their mark in their school’s legacy. Everyone wants to become legendary. Winning championships and earning a permanent spot on in the gym is how athletes are truly remembered and honored.

Each of these banners and flag styles are big and attention grabbing. Your fans want a reason to cheer and to get excited. These banners and flags help to raise the volume and the increase the stakes for every game. We cannot guarantee that the louder crowd will make your team play better, but it might be enough to rattle your opponent!

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