3 Banners Perfect for a Boring Gym

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 06/28/2016

A gymnasium is a perfect place to fill with tons of people. The most obvious use of a gym is for athletic events, but they can also be used as general assembly spaces for other events. The problem with a gymnasium is that the space is huge with high walls and long viewing distances. Too often gyms have large bare walls or cluttered collections of non-matching signs and banners. Often any decoration that goes up in a gym is done individually without much thought to the layout of the full space. It seems facilities love to surround their scoreboard with advertisements, hang banners in the top corners behind the fans, and cram undersized championship recognition into one corner that is difficult to read.

By taking a step back and thinking out a master plan, you can clean up your gym, visually bring down the ceiling, and put your championship banner information in visible and easy to read locations. There is no reason that your gym needs to look like a carnival with different colored signs and banners. Check out some suggestions below on how to upgrade the look and fan experience of any visitor to your gym.


DSCN3089.jpgWhile your volleyball, basketball, and wrestling teams are usually the only ones competing in the gym, the facility provides a great opportunity to highlight the accomplishments of all of your sports to the most fans possible. The Add-a-Year Championship Banners are extremely versatile as the can display a running list of your conference, district, region, or other championships.

Add-a-year banners also add a level of convenience to your gymnasium maintenance. With this Team Fitz banner, you never have to pay for yearly updates! We simply produce the update, mail it out to you, and then you easily apply it to the existing banner.  This is the absolute easiest way to recognize ALL of your sports in a consistent and great looking way.


Cypress_Ranch_2.jpgA state championship is a big deal!  State runner-up or final four is also a big deal!  Everyone wishes they were the school that won too much and had too many banners, but chances are your school has a few big championships that deserve special recognition above and beyond a mention on the Add-A-Year Banner.

We can create a Championship Banner design that matches the look and feel of the Add-A-Year Banners mentioned above, but perhaps inverses the banner colors to make this banner stand out even more.  Recognizing each major championship on its own banner creates a piece that immortalizes the team or individuals that achieved it.


Conference-banner.jpgPersonally, I hate the idea of conference banners and displaying my rivals colors and logos in my facilities, but this is a very common trend with athletic programs and creates some consistency across the conference schools. To make the banners fit in best with your school’s other signs and banners, we typically recommend going with a neutral color background and then applying the other conference school names and logos on top of that.  This way rival schools get their recognition, but you are not stuck staring at their ugly colors.

Start adding value to your athletic facilities and contact a Team Fitz Representative today to get your own custom banner quote.

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