With Safety in Mind, Team Fitz is Open for Business

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Team Fitz Graphics is a family business. As such, we feel a deep obligation to the health, safety, and financial security of our employees. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, we have made some changes internally to help ensure we live up to that obligation.

To protect our employee’s safety, all employees who can work remotely are doing so. Each employee has been set up at home to be able to fully execute their responsibilities as if they were in the office. For essential employees that cannot work from home, we are taking precautions including reduced hours, maintaining safe distances, and limiting face-to-face interaction. We are also encouraging flexible work schedules. We recognize that everyone has different circumstances at home and additional flexibility is important to allow our staff to prioritize their families.

To protect our employee’s financial security, the best thing we can do is keep people working to maintain pay and essential health benefits. By acting quickly and adapting to change, Team Fitz Graphics will remain open for business.

How this might affect our customers

This pandemic has no doubt affected every aspect of life. Because our business and much of our lives revolve around athletics, the closure of schools, cancellation of major sporting events, and delays in professional sports seasons have been especially jarring. Even so, we recognize the importance of such actions and 100% support the closures and delays. The safety of our communities is the absolute priority.

Considering these circumstances, here are a couple of ways our customers might be affected:

  1. We can be reached in the same ways as usual – Team Fitz is no stranger to technology. Even so, we are adopting new technologies and strategies to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our customers despite the recent changes. Feel free to reach out in the same ways as always including by phone, email, online chat, or by filling out a quote-request form on our website. We can also arrange a video chat with your sales rep if that works best for you. There should be no interruption in the ease of communication that our customers have come to expect.
  2. Freight shipments will be held until they can be safely delivered – All freight shipments including deliveries to school addresses have been suspended until April 6th. Things are changing rapidly as individual states decide whether or not to close and for how long. Before we ship anything to a school address, we will confirm that someone will be there to receive it. This will help ensure your shipment is not damaged due to excessive movement back and forth.
  3. Small packages to residential addresses will ship on schedule – All small package shipments that can be shipped directly to a residential address will still go out. As long as UPS, FedEx, and USPS are delivering to residential addresses, then we will make sure orders are going out. If you want to change your shipping address, please reach out and we will update the work order and get your order out promptly.

We sincerely appreciate our customers, our employees, and our families as we all go through these necessary adjustments. The individuals and their families that make up Team Fitz Graphics are the most important part of our company. All business decisions will be framed with the best interest of our employees and their families in mind.

That being said we are nothing without you. Eventually, we believe things will go back to normal. After all, there are games to be played, rivalries to be challenged, and championships to be won. In the meantime, we are determined to provide the best possible service and products as always. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a project in mind, questions, or need anything at all. Our team is set up to execute at full capacity.

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