What to Consider When Considering a Wall Graphic

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 04/26/2016

Wall graphics are more than big words and a pretty color palette. They are visuals that tell a story, even if that story is “Bathroom This Way.” We want to help you make the biggest visual impact, so here are some questions to ask when considering a wall graphic.


  • Why do you need a wall graphic? First and foremost, you must be honest with yourself and ask what you need the graphic for. It could to be to add color to a new building or to liven up a current facility. Either way, knowing your purpose helps guide the design process.
  • Who is your audience? People are going to see your graphic and you need to know who they are to make it appealing to their eyes.
  • Where do you want it to go? Location is key and helps reinforce your purpose. If you want to boost school spirit among students, the teacher’s lounge is probably not a good choice for your wall graphic.
  • How big do you want it to be? The size of your graphic should not only reflect the purpose but also fit into the space it is meant for.

Now, how do you want it to look? This is where Team Fitz can help! Contact a sales rep for help today.  

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