What is the State of Your Locker Room?

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 03/16/2017

When was the last time you took a serious look at the state of your locker rooms? Check out these cost-effective locker room upgrades that can boost the visual impression and functionality of your facilities this season.

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Implementing larger-than-life graphics can add an instant splash of color and life into any existing locker room. There are so many design possibilities when it comes to large format graphics. Oversized logos, type and background patterns are the most common design elements. We can also include team and individual action photos and die-cut elements such as raised lettering or logos for additional visual interest. With a little input on the front end, Team Fitz’s in-house designers will put together a concept illustrating the project vision.

While it is tempting to try to cover every wall, it can sometimes be more effective to focus on key areas for maximum impact. This approach can also be easier on the budget. Look at your space and decide where the graphic would get the most traffic. Common areas to look for include large walls in high-traffic spaces, ends of hallways, locker end caps and spaces above locker bays. It also doesn’t need to be all done at once. If the full project isn’t in the budget, choose one or two spaces to start with and build out your collection of graphics over time.

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All great coaches set short and long-term goals to improve team performance. Rather than just telling your athletes your objectives, try showing them. A custom team goal board lays out a visual representation of past performance and future potential. With 65% of the population considered visual learners, a goal board can help connect the dots between what coaches say and what they see to better absorb the message.

Every board is custom designed to meet the needs of your team and goals set. The most common setup puts opponent columns along the X axis and team goals in rows along the Y axis. Easy to apply and remove custom static clings are included with each goal board so you can track game by game progress. Goal text is usually printed on removable cling material as well. That way your board can be easily adjusted in the future to reflect the evolution of your team goals and your ever-changing schedule.

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It’s not easy to inspire and motivate athletes. Getting and keeping athletes motivated is one of the tougher parts of a coach’s job. Motivational signs in the locker rooms and athletic facilities can be an effective way to keep your message front and center, even when you’re not in the room.

Not only can the message be effective, locker room motivational signage can also be a cost-effective way to improve the look of your facility. Even as a relatively small size, they are effective in brightening up a space branded with your school logo and colors.

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Another small thing that makes a big difference in a locker room are custom locker nameplates. These nameplates not only help organize your locker room, but also elevate it with a professional look.

Our most popular style is our slide in locker nameplates. These name plates simply slide in and out of permanently installed metal brackets. The heavy-duty brackets only need to be purchased once and replacement slide ins can be updated year after year. Other options include decal or magnet nameplates.

Give us a call today for more ideas on how we can help elevate the look of your locker room or athletic facilities. One of our sales reps would be happy to answer questions or have a design and quote drawn up for you.

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