What is Great Customer Service?

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/13/2016

At Team Fitz, we help athletic directors and coaches enrich the athlete and fan experience by helping them create unique and exciting facilities. Our goal is to be a part of the reason you, your athletes and your fans are proud of where you play.


We specialize in providing the highest quality graphics for your athletic program, but we also take pride in providing you with the highest quality customer service while doing so.

“So, what?” you say. Every business claims to provide excellent customer service. So what does customer service look like at Team Fitz?

Here, we believe great customer service starts with listening. Sometimes, coaches or athletic directors come to us with a project already in mind. They know exactly what they’re looking for. Other times, they have an idea, but aren’t certain on the details. Either way, we use our expertise to offer the most beneficial product recommendations and solutions to fit your needs and your budget, and to make the entire process hassle free for you.

From design to delivery, we focus on quality. We know that when you decide to invest in one of our products, you’re making an investment in us as well. We make it our priority to protect that investment. We offer custom design so that each project is as unique as the vision that inspired it. We use top-grade materials, so we can offer long life products at competitive prices. In-house manufacturing keeps costs down and quality high by cutting out the middle man, and our full-time production staff keeps a close eye on craftsmanship from start to finish.

We seek to build sustainable partnerships. Just as your program is more than a quick sale to us, we want to be more than a drive-thru vendor to you. With Team Fitz, you can expect reliability, frequent and friendly communication, and dedication to getting to know you and your program, so we can help guide you with the strongest recommendations. More than anything we want our process and products to inspire confidence, satisfaction and pride that you can pass along to your programs and players.

Your project deserves attention to detail. At Team Fitz, we pay attention to logos, colors and specs, and also to your hopes, questions and concerns, so that when you receive your finished project, it’s exactly what you expect and more. Ready to get started on your custom project? Contact us today. 

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