Twin Valley South High School Develops Athletic Record Board Feature Wall

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 12/19/2017

An important aspect of coaching, record keeping, not only honors the hard work of teams and athletes, it preserves the athletic history of a program. Record boards also serve as a valuable goal setting and motivation tool for coaches and athletes. Projects range from individual-sport record boards to full record board displays like our project at Twin Valley High School.


When Twin Valley High School, in West Alexandria, Ohio, reached out to us regarding a record boards for their athletic program, our team couldn’t wait to get started. The Panther’s Athletic Director, Tony Augspurger, had big ideas for the project. He was not just looking for individual record boards, he wanted us to design a record board and signage package that seamlessly worked together to create a large feature wall.

The intended space was a high-traffic area outside the gym. The signage that previously occupied the space was dated and in need of an overhaul. It was important to bring back attention and prominence to this high-profile space in their facility.

The foundation of the project was the series athletic record boards.

After some back and forth discussion to assess his goals, our sales and design departments worked together to develop a plan. Slide-in Record Boards were chosen as ideal board style for this project. These boards are designed for any indoor location that requires 25’ or less viewing distance. They are perfect for athletic lobbies, hallways, or anywhere else you can walk right up to view the records.

Slide-In Record Boards are our best-selling and most popular record boards. They feature a high-end look, durable construction, and are customized for each sport. The main feature that makes them popular with coaches and athletic directors, is how easy they are to update. Easy to change record strips slide into channels hidden behind the acrylic face of the board. This design makes future record updates hassle-free.

If done right, this approach can reduce the overall cost of the project.

We designed a record board for multiple sports including track & field, basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, and softball. The final board developed combined the records of soccer, golf and wrestling. The sports for this last board did not have very many records to track, so it made sense visually and financially to combine them rather than have three separate boards.

DSC_3558.jpgThe final piece was a header sign, designed to tie all the record boards together into a cohesive layout. This sign features custom-cut shapes that layer together creating a dimensional effect. A two-layer PVC background was topped with multiple layers of cut lettering as well as a branded panther logo.

The final installation called for hanging the record boards in two rows that flanked the header sign. This approach was more dramatic than simply running the record boards down the hallway in a row. It also took advantage of the large space, creating the feature wall feel requested.

Find out what custom record board designs meets your program’s needs.

Reach out to us today if you are interested in learning more about record boards for your school. Team Fitz offers several styles of record boards to fit any need, large or small, indoor or outdoor. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and get started on a custom proposal.

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