Training Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 07/26/2016

We are in the throes of summer, and the heat can be detrimental to your offseason training. Balancing the need for next season’s preparation and athlete safety can be a real challenge. We put together a handful of tips for those grueling summer months that will keep your teams ready to compete during this coming fall season.



Everyone knows the saying, “The early bird gets the worm”, but in the summer is this especially true. Finding the coolest part of the day can lengthen training periods and help build endurance before the season. These morning practices are perfect for cardio workouts that could be dangerous in the heat of the day. So, get your miles in before the sun even comes up and take advantage of the cooler temperature!


While gearing up in full pads may seem logical, switching up your routine is another way to beat the heat.. Instead of making your players boil out on the practice field, take your team on a field trip to the school natatorium! Swimming is an excellent form of aerobic exercise that keeps your athletes cool and in great. If you’re running out of pool exercises, you can even hold races and compare the times to the records on your natatorium’s swimming record board!


Like we mentioned before, starting early in the morning is one way to manage your time in the sun, but avoiding peak sun hours can save valuable time, while making your workouts more effective. When your athletes are exposed to those peak hours of heat, they require extra breaks, more water, and less intense workouts. To get the most out of your athletes, stay away from the hottest times of the day.


In the most extreme cases, training outdoors can actually be dangerous for your athletes. In this instance, it could be wise to move your workouts indoors. Any team could benefit from some well-timed weight room training. The weight room also presents a great opportunity to motivate athletes during the summer. Getting a strength record board in your weight room will foster healthy competition among teammates, while promoting effective workouts! For more tips and tricks read our blog about motivating athletes with a strength record board.


The final and most important tip is to keep your teams hydrated! The general rule of thumb is to drink 16 - 24oz of water about an hour before your workout. On an excessively hot day, athletes could sweat out at much as 64oz of fluid per hour! It’s also important to understand that this is not isolated to being outside - dehydration can even happen while working out indoors!

Keeping athletes safe and monitoring their well-being is a major priority for coaches and athletic directors during the summer. Keeping these tips in mind this offseason will help you truly beat the heat. If you’re interested in talking to a designer about any of our custom record boards or you just have a question about Team Fitz, contact us today!

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