Top Considerations When Replacing Your Athletic Hall of Fame Signage

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 10/08/2018

Getting inducted into your school’s athletic hall of fame is a prestigious honor. Individual accomplishments in athletics, academics, and other program contributions help to the overall growth of your school and community. Honoring those alumni and displaying their achievements to the school not only recognizes the individuals, but it helps promote pride amongst the students and staff that currently walk the halls.


Whether you have an outdated hall of fame that’s in need of an update, or you are starting from scratch, there are many options to consider. Check out the top considerations when looking for hall of fame signage and find out how to build a first-rate display.


In order to get the most out of your new hall of fame, consider the following:

Information to Include

The first decision to be made is what information to include in your hall of fame. Most athletic programs include inductee names, graduation year, sport(s) played, and the year they were inducted. You may also want to reference relevant information such as prestigious honors or accomplishments. You will also want to decide whether or not to include a headshot or action photos which can help personalize your hall of fame.

Overall Size of Display

The size of your hall of fame is dictated by a few different factors such as the type of content shown, the number of inductees you already have, and how much room for future growth you would like to leave. Another important factor that may determine the size of your hall of fame signage is the space you have available.

Future Expandability

You want to make sure you have enough room for future growth. Having a rough idea of how many athletes you plan to add each year helps in the planning phase. You want to have enough space that it’s a good investment, but not so much that it looks near empty for 20 years. We recommend leaving room for about 10 years of growth.


Just like most athletic department purchases, budget can play a key role in determining the size and scope of an athletic hall of fame. Fortunately, there are many options available that can suit a wide range of budgets.


With the above top considerations in mind, here are the most common types of hall of fame displays requested by our customers. Keep in mind that these are completely custom products. The hall of fame design that is right for your program may be one of these or even a combination of the different styles.

Mounted-Plaque Boards

These are our most popular type of hall of fame displays. These boards consist of laser-cut acrylic plaques that are suspended a half inch off the background panel using aluminum standoff hardware. This high-end look adds depth and visual interest that will be sure to draw attention.

Because each of these boards is custom designed, there is flexibility in the content that is included. Often inductee names are added to the plaques in a running list organized by their induction year. Another popular approach is to dedicate a separate plaque for each inductee. This allows you the flexibility to include more information such as a photograph and brief bio.

Picture Boards

A picture is worth a thousand words and having images of your hall of famers is a great option. These picture boards feature pre-mounted acrylic picture frames that are mounted on a background panel with branded graphics. The frames can be made to accommodate any size photo. We can also include a space below the frame to include information about the athlete such as their name, graduation year, and accomplishments.

Add-A-Name Boards

Another commonly-requested style of hall of fame is an Add-A-Name Board. These boards are set up as a running list of inductees and are typically organized by the year they were inducted. This style hall of fame is perfect for customers who have limited wall space to display their hall of fame or are on a tighter budget.

Every project is different, and every hall of fame is unique. Reach out to one of our reps today. They will be happy to answer any questions you have and get things started on custom proposal for your hall of fame.

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