The Three Types of Recognition Boards

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 09/30/2016

For high school athletes, recognition boards represent the goals they strive to reach and the evidence of hard work and athletic success. Every athlete dreams about making the board because they are permanent, meaningful displays for all to see. In addition to paying homage to the athletes and donors of yesterday, recognition boards inspire current athletes to get their name enshrined on the board forever.



Whether you’re honoring this year's MVP, state champions or the most improved, use the Add-A-Name Board to easily recognize standouts for their hard work on the field, in the pool or on the court. These boards create a great visual chronological list and are easy to add names to in the future.  Each board is typically designed to allow for information to be added to it for the next 10 years before needing a new board.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Recognize a team, coach or a player with a Picture Recognition Board from Team Fitz. Made to accommodate any photo size, these boards are most commonly used to display current team photos, athletes of the month, all-conference athletes, or championship teams.  All photos can be inserted easily and removed if needed to recognize new athletes.


Display your appreciation for current donors while also inviting others to come forward with their support through a new donor recognition board. For many high schools, alumni and donors are critical to the success of current programs. Make sure your program expresses gratitude for all the time and resources they give to the school.

Ready to purchase your recognition board? There are a few things you should consider before placing your order. First, it’s important to think about where the boards will be displayed. Will they live outside on a fence, inside in the weight room or in an athletic hallway? What is the realistic distance that this board will be read at?  All of these questions impact the size, materials and price of your board. We recommend all-weather aluminum material for outdoor signage and sturdy-PVC for indoor locations. All boards are custom designed, so virtually any size board can be developed to best fit your available space.

Once you know where your board will be going, you will need to consider what information you want to include on the board. All of these recognition boards are great at displaying lists or photos that can be added to or changed over time. Let us know what your goals are with each board and we will come up with a great looking custom design that best fits your program!

 Find the type of record board that fits you best!

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