The Best Record Board Options for a Lobby, Athletic Hallway, or Outside Concessions

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/26/2019

There are many styles of athletic record boards available. When considering a record board for your school it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different options so you can make an informed decision. In this article we will discuss two different types of record boards that are designed for an up-close viewing distance of around 25’ or less. Both options are sized perfectly for placement in an athletic department lobby or hallway, outside the gym entrance, or even hung outside near concessions.



Indoor Applications

Slide-In Record Boards are one of our best-selling record boards for high school athletics. These boards feature records that slide in and out of channels behind a clear acrylic face. Because the record strips simply slide into place, they are incredibly easy to update as records are broken.

This premium record board is custom designed to proudly display your team’s accomplishments alongside your school colors, logo, and other branding. Each board features bright and crisply printed graphics, protected with a layer of anti-glare laminate, and mounted on a premium PVC and acrylic base.

The Slide-In Record Board is only recommended for indoor display. If used outdoors, condensation may build up within the channels preventing it from operating properly.



Outdoor Applications

For outdoor applications consider a Laid-Vinyl Record Board. These boards are updated using adhesive-backed record strips, much like a decal, that are placed right over top of the old record.

These boards are designed to thrive outdoors where wind, ice, and sunlight can be especially harsh on outdoor signage. Our outdoor Laid-Vinyl Record Boards are printed on a premium outdoor-rated vinyl and then covered with a protective laminate that is specifically designed to block the UV light that causes color fade. These printed graphics are then applied to a highway-signage-grade aluminum ensuring durability and long life. In addition, it’s a great value. This board delivers the high-quality materials and sound construction you would expect at a competitive price.


If you’re looking for a larger record board check out our Velcro-Panel Record Boards. These boards are generally 8’x8’ or larger, and are perfect for locations that require readability from a greater distance.

Reach out today to speak with one of our sales reps. We would be happy to discuss these options as well as answer any questions. When you’re ready, we will also be happy to put together a custom design and quote proposal for the your record board project.

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