The 5 Best Swim Record Board Designs for Universities

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 10/30/2017

As the swimming and diving season begins to ramp up, there is a swell of interest in swim record boards. Often times, the best way for coaches to visual what they want for their natatorium is to see examples of what other schools have done in the past. Team Fitz has been fortunate to work with many fantastic programs over the years. Here are 5 of our favorite university-level swim record board projects.


San Marcos, TX

At 20’ x 10’ this Texas State University swim record board is large in scale. It features 3” tall lettering which allows for approximately 100’ feet of viewing distance. It is important to consider viewing distance in a large natatorium. A unique feature of this design is how the relay records are displayed on the outer flanks of the board. This approach is functional, allowing larger record lettering overall, but also adds visual appeal.


Brookings, SD

The natatorium record board for South Dakota State incorporates more information than the other projects outlined. When designing this board, it was necessary to make room for both team and pool records as well as diving events. This combined with a need for high visibility made it necessary to design this record board at an oversized 25’ x 13’. This board, like all Team Fitz natatorium boards, features alignment markers printed on the background ensuring the record panels are straight and look great when applied.


Indianapolis, IN

Butler University is a little different than some of the other designs shown. Because Butler only has a women’s team, we opted for a unique vertical layout. This design is both easy to read and fits the available space nicely.

Like many natatorium record boards projects, this one was paid for through sponsorship. Indy Aquatic Masters and US Masters Swimming funded the board through a generous donation and are recognized at the bottom of the record board.


Williamsburg, VA

The design for the College of William & Mary was split into two separate record boards to fit specific areas next to the pool deck. The boards were divided into men’s and women’s teams each including both pool and team records. The size and placement allows the boards to be viewed from a distance or up close.


Pullman, WA

Like the Texas State swim record board, the Washington State natatorium board separates out the relay events allowing for a larger type size and added visual impact. Because this board is displayed from a greater distance, a larger size of 25’ x 10’ helps readability. Like all projects, great attention was taken to ensure the branding guidelines of the University were carefully followed.

Team Fitz Graphics is a leader in producing high quality swim record boards for all levels of competition—from youth groups to universities. Reach out to us today for more information. We would be happy to get started on a custom quote and design mockup for your project.

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