Take Your Track & Field Facility to the Next Level

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Outdoor track and field meets and conferences often bring in some heavy traffic of family and friends supporting their athletes. Is your facility suitable for the influx of visitors? Whether catering to the needs of your guests or flying your school colors in support of your track and field program, a few simple updates may be just what you need to ensure a smooth (and busy!) track season.


Welcoming Your Guests

It can be difficult for fans to maneuver around unfamiliar venues, especially when supporting multi-event athletes. Fans get quite the workout running from event to event to watch performances at various areas of the track arena. To ease confusion, take advantage of our A-frame signs to direct fans to track or field event areas, concession stands, restrooms and any other significant areas they may need directions to while in your facility.

To draw the attention of guests arriving to your venue, let your school spirit be known by displaying your school name and colors on feather and sail flags. Show off your track and field superstars by showcasing championships won or show your appreciation to any sponsors or donors that have donated to build your facility with die cut signs.

Showcasing Your School Pride

Impressive track and field school records can remain unbroken for years and can be looked at as a season goal to reach toward for many athletes. To keep your school runners, throwers and field event participants apprised and motivated, display your school’s top times and records with a visually appealing record board at your facility.

For more information and options to ramp up your school spirit at your track and field facility, contact us to get teamed up with one of our Team Fitz professionals.

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