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Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 05/03/2017

The locker room is a place where bonds of friendship and camaraderie are forged. It can promote team chemistry and even a positive team culture. This of course does not happen on its own — it takes leadership from coaches, staff, and team captains.


Rather than simply a room to dress before competition, it can be transformed into a place of focus, preparation and motivation to work together as a unified team. Locker room graphics can be an effective way to level up your locker room experience. These two graphics can take your facility from good to great.


While this may seem like an insignificant addition to your locker room, nameplates are an excellent way to validate team members and give each athlete their own designated space in a busy locker room. There are three popular styles of locker nameplates to fit any locker type and program budget:

Slide-In Locker Nameplate with Metal Bracket – A top choice of coaches, this two-piece design consists of an aluminum bracket and a custom slide-in nameplate. The bracket is a permanent solution that never needs to be replaced. Simply replace the slide-in nameplates as needed. This style locker marker is preferred by many top high school, collegiate and professional teams.

Magnetic Locker Nameplate – There isn’t an easier solution for coaches than magnetic locker nameplates. Easy to add, remove and rearrange in any locker room with metal lockers.

Decal Locker Tags – This budget friendly nameplate option is a solid choice for coaches under tight budget considerations. Even on a budget, they offer a custom feel to any locker room.


There is nothing better than a crisp, newly-designed graphic to add maximum visual impact to your locker room. These larger-than-life visuals bring professionalism and modernism to your facility.

In addition to adding energy and color to a locker room, they can help foster a strong team spirit. The appearance of your facilities can affect how athletes feel about their school, which can translate directly to the field or court. Large format wall graphics also help coaches set a tone in their locker room; clearly labeling it a place to prepare, get motivated and develop as a team.

Popular wall graphic designs include:

- Oversized logos and patterns
- School mantras, slogans or motivational words
- Team and athlete photo collages
- Championship team or athlete showcase

A good locker room is simply a safe place to mentally prepare or recover from a game or practice. A great locker room also motivates athletes to provide maximum effort and develops a positive team culture. By taking a hard look at your locker room facilities, you can transform a blank, ordinary space, into one that inspires and reenergizes. Team Fitz is an industry leading provider of custom locker room graphics to teams of all levels. Download our free definitive locker room graphics handbook or give us a call today

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