Rivercrest High School Installs ‘Wall of Honor’

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 06/01/2017

There are many ways the athletic history of a school can be documented. Some of the most popular methods include record boards, gym banners and even retired jerseys. One option that has recently gained popularity is a “Wall of Honor” display.


Justin Milton, Athletic Director of Rivercrest High School in Bogata, Texas, approached us with an interest in recognizing the successes of his Lady Rebel athletes. After a quick discussion, it was determined that “Wall of Fame” recognition signage made the most sense for the project. The design proposed consisted of a header graphic and individual die-cut signs, each honoring a specific achievement such as state championship or all-state athlete.


This approach made sense for a couple reasons. The combination of a header sign and custom die-cut signs offers a lot of design flexibility. Each piece can be made as large or small as needed to fill the wall space available. When placed on a large wall, this approach offers a cost effective, high-impact look through a single floor-to-ceiling graphic.

Another benefit is the ease in which it can be updated in the future. As the Lady Rebels continue their winning ways, Team Fitz can quickly produce and ship a new sign to be added to their display. Each update sign will be matched exactly to the originals ensuring a consistent look over time. Each die-cut sign is specifically designed to be easily installed or removed.

The Rivercrest athletics “Wall of Honor” was situated between the gym locker rooms. According to Milton, “It was placed there so the Lady Rebels can see that our school, and the athletes that have played here, have created a tradition rich in success.” Milton then added “Visiting teams who dress here can see that we have achieved great things since RHS was founded in 1965!”

Contact Team Fitz today to find out more about this and other options available to honor the athletic legacy of your program.

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