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Posted by  Ryan Willi on 10/06/2017

It’s a proud moment when a young athlete starts at your program and goes on to play at the next level of competition. That achievement is the culmination of countless hours of work by the player and coaching staff, as well as the time and support of parents and friends. Team Fitz Next-Level Boards recognize this effort and its reflection on your program. Whether it be from high school to college or university to the pros, a Next-Level Board recognizes the sweat and hard work it took to get them there.

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Each board is custom designed for your school incorporating your logo and colors. Athlete entries typically include name, sport, graduating year and the institution they are attending. A athletic director design favorite is to also include the logo and colors of the destination school or program on each athlete’s plaque.

Next Level Board Blog Image-02.pngThere are many options available for Next-Level Boards. Slide-In Record Boards and Add-A-Name Boards are great if you would like to keep a running list of athletes. We can also custom build a Picture Board if you would like to include an image of each player along with bio information. The overall board size varies from project to project depending on the number of athletes you would like to include.

One popular option is go with a paneled design where matching panels of names are lined up in a row under a header sign. This style allows you to add panels in the future as the number of recognized athletes expands.

In addition to highlighting the success of your former athletes, Next-Level Boards can also be a great motivating tool. By showing a history of sending athletes to college or professional level play, you motivate your current athletes to reach their fullest potential.

For more information on a Next-Level Board for your school, reach out to a Team Fitz Representative today. We would be happy to discuss the specifics of your project, answer any questions, and make a recommendation on an appropriate style and size board. When you are ready, our team of in-house designers will put together a custom design mockup for the project at no charge or commitment to you.

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