Pauls Valley Adds a Professional Touch to Super Bowl Honor Event

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/22/2016

Pauls Valley High School was recently honored by the National Football League for its contributions to Super Bowl History. Despite being a small town (pop. 6,027), located 59 miles south of Oklahoma City, their program is one of only 24 high schools in the state to have a graduate play or head coach on a Super Bowl roster. Only seven of those schools had two or more players or coaches. Pauls Valley is the only school in the state to have two Super Bowl champions from a district with fewer than 1,500 students.

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The NFL honored Super Bowl champions, Tony Peters and T.J. Rushing as part of the Super Bowl High School Honor Roll. Peters graduated from Pauls Valley High School in 1971 and attended the University of Oklahoma. He then played safety for the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII. Rushing graduated in 2014 and attended Stanford University before playing as a defensive back in Super Bowl XLI for the Indianapolis Colts. The two men were presented with golden footballs featuring their name, the high school name and the Super Bowl in which they played. The balls will be placed on display for the community at the school.


Preparing for the event, Pauls Valley High School Athletic Director, Brian Black, contacted Team Fitz Graphics to have a media backdrop and table throw created. Black said “We knew we wanted a media backdrop for our signings, but when we were contacted about the NFL honoring two of our alumni for their participation in their respective Super Bowls, we knew it was time. We wanted something that looked sharp, was easy to put up, and would last for years to come."

Brain goes on to talk about finding the right product, "We talked to numerous companies but the folks at Team Fitz Graphics were the easiest to work with and the price was right. Even with a rush order, our backdrop arrived a couple of days ahead of our event. The table and backdrop looked great featuring two gold balls from the NFL! Since then, numerous students have enjoyed having their signing take place in front of the backdrop instead of against a wall in the cafeteria."

National Signing Day is right around the corner, but media backdrops have many uses throughout the year. They are great for a number of special events, photo ops, press conferences, interviews, team photos and player profile pictures. Give Team Fitz a call for more information on a media backdrop and table throw package for your school. We are ready to answer questions and would be happy to get started on a free design mockup.

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