Not Getting the Most Out of Signing Day? Take These Steps

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Signing day is a big deal for your student athletes. They have put in the long training hours, the grueling two-a-day practices, and the countless summer days to reach this pivotal point in their lives. Here are three steps you can take to get the most out of your school’s signing day.


Ensure the Event is Well Attended

There are many people that have helped these athletes get to this point. Make sure you get the word out. Parents and coaches are obvious and are usually excited to attend. This event is as much a reflection on their efforts as it is for the student. Make sure they know well in advance when and where the event will be held.

An announcement should also be made encouraging teammates, friends and teachers to attend. Having friends and family in the crowd will make sure Signing Day is a memorable experience for your athletes.

Make it Look Professional

This big day is also a celebration of your school and athletic program. It is important to look professional to match the significance of the day. Encourage your athletes to wear a logo shirt, pullover or clothing that matches the colors of their chosen college or university. Tradition also includes placing a hat or helmet of their school on the table. This hat or helmet is then ceremoniously put on after the signing to symbolize the transition.

Another must have for a professional looking signing day is a media backdrop and table throw. The step-and-repeat logo pattern of a custom media backdrop is a fixture in the background of any big signing day event. Along with a matching table throw, a media backdrop will make your pictures look great and add to the momentous day.

Turn the Event into a Spectacle

A well-attended and professional signing day will go a long way toward a memorable experience. To take it a step further make sure there are members of the media in attendance. Contact your local paper and television stations to see if they will send someone to cover the event. This is especially possible if you have an athlete who is going on to compete for a major university. Your school newspaper or broadcast program is another good option to get additional coverage and recognition for your athletes.

If the media is in not in attendance, make sure you have a photographer on hand to document the event. The photos will be a valuable keepsake for your athletes and their families.

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