Make Memorable Social Media Photos with a Media Backdrop

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 10/03/2019

Social media provides a powerful opportunity to amplify your brand, promote the values of your program, and help build student and fan engagement. Every picture, post, and article are an opportunity to build pride throughout your community. Get your fans engaged in your wins and losses, successes and tragedies, and even just the ridiculous antics of your student body.

One way to improve the quality of your social posts is to provide a clean backdrop that helps set the scene. A media backdrop can offer this while also helping to establish and promote your athletic brand. Below are a few opportunities a media backdrop can provide the perfect background scenery to let the personalities of your students and fans shine.



What better time to get great shots of fully engaged fans than on game day? We’ve had a number of customers tell us they’ve had success setting up their media backdrop in the lobby outside of basketball games and other events. This provides a purposeful place for people to take pictures. Be sure to provide a sign with the best hashtag to use to encourage the sharing of these memorable photos. No one wants to be left out. The more students see others having fun at your events the easier it will be to fill the seats. Nobody cheers harder than the student section!



Player headshots are needed not only for the athlete’s personal use, but for newspaper and online publications. A quality photo backdrop improves the quality of these headshots and gives your athletic department a professional and polished look. Again, be sure to provide a hashtag when broadcasting these images. Including it helps tie the image back to your school and helps ensure your branding is included in the publication’s player of the week post or other highlight.



A star player will bring in the local, or even national news team. Capitalize on the exposure and be sure the interview is done in front of a step-and-repeat media backdrop featuring your logo and colors. This provides a more serious and professional vibe to these occasions than simply standing in front of a blank wall or trophy case. In addition to outside media attention, there are other interview opportunities with post-game coach briefings, and player and staff Q&As for social posts and the school newspaper.



Perhaps the most popular time to shoot pictures in front of a media backdrop is on Signing Day. For schools lucky enough to have athletes signing with Universities, this is a great opportunity to be part of the hype. It’s also an opportunity to show off your program in good light. A custom designed backdrop featuring your school logo, branding, and colors behind your smiling athletes will make your students feel like their ready for the pros. Be sure to broadcast these images across your social media platforms. Helping to get athletes to this level says a lot about them, but also says a lot about the coaches and administrators that helped get them there.

Don’t forget that signing day is around the corner. Here is a recap of key dates to be ready for:



Great social media content is easy to come by when you get young students, athletes, and fans together for a fun event. In order to maximize the impact, be sure to provide direction on where to post and what hashtags to use. Also be sure to amplify your brand by placing a great backdrop behind the action to help create some memorable pics.


Contact a Team Fitz representative today for more info on a media backdrop or table throw for your school. They’d be happy to answer any questions or get started on a free design mockup and quote.


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