Make an Impact with Wall Murals and Locker Room Graphics

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 09/23/2016

Look good, feel good. Feel good, play great! This is true with more than just uniforms. Your athletic facilities can affect how athletes feel about their program and even how they perform. Wall graphics are a great way to establish a tone for your upcoming season and set your program apart.


While an expensive new facility or hefty remodel isn't realistic or necessary for most programs, there are plenty of upgrades that will help revive your existing facility. Transform a bland, ordinary locker room into a room where athletes get pumped up and excited to play. Professionally-designed graphics and signage from Team Fitz will add new life to your space, giving you the big-time athletic program look coaches and athletes want.

Football_Wall_Graphic_Sample.jpgOur design team will build upon your ideas and provide you with a high-impact design. We can incorporate oversized logos, player or team photos and text into a eye-catching wall mural. All designs are completely custom and prepared specifically for your program. We enhance your brand by carefully incorporating your school logo, colors and style.

Team Fitz wall graphics can be made to fit any size or space. Oversized graphics are tiled, making installation a snap. All wall graphics feature a protective laminate to ensure a long-lasting installation. The laminate is not only protective, it also offers a antiglare, matte finish to ensure your graphics look great, even under the harsh fluorescent lighting found in many locker rooms and athletic venues.

Large-format athletic wall murals and end-cap locker signs can certainly make a big impact, but there are other smaller graphics and signage that can really help give your facility a professional look. Incorporating locker nameplates, motivational signs and custom dry erase boards can add quick and relatively inexpensive branding and functionality to your space. Custom-cut mascot logos are also very popular with coaches and athletic directors. These layered dimensional signs literally pop off the wall.

Other areas to add attention-grabbing wall graphics are at athletic entrances and hallways, stadiums and in the coaches office. Regardless of where you decide to start, wall graphics can be a great way to enhance player experience, impress incoming recruits and take your program to the next level. Reach out to us today so we can get started roughing out some ideas for your locker room or other venue.

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