Let’s Get Custom: Why Athletic Directors Choose Die-Cut Signs

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 04/12/2018

You don't accept complacency from your athletes, so why would you accept it from your athletic facilities? Your coaches and athletes strive to be more than simply "average" on the field, so reward their hard word with a facility that is like no other. Customization in your signage can inject life into your indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.


Here are three reasons why AD’s and coaches prefer the customization of die-cut signs.

1. Flexibility in Design / Shapes

By nature, die-cut signs are meant to be a custom visualization of your program, placed throughout your stadium or ballpark to give visitors a sense of who you are. Whether the signs are honoring individual state championships or showcasing the seniors on the softball team, there is a custom die-cut sign for every program. Here are the three most popular die-cut sign types:

die-cut-state-champ-signDIE-CUT CHAMPIONSHIP SIGNS

State championships (either team or individual) are a popular use of die-cut signage. Die-cut championship signs are often cut into the shape of the actual state or specific sport. For sport cut signs, think of a large home plate, baseball, basketball, and more.

Basketball_Jersey_Die_Cut_Signs (1)DIE-CUT JERSEY SIGNS

An excellent way to honor the outstanding athletes of the past or showcase current teams, die-cut jerseys are made to stand out. Custom-designed to match any sport, die-cut jerseys are perfect to enshrine hall-of-fame inductees or top performers.


Show off your mascot, logo, or brand through bold, eye-catching die-cut mascot signs. These completely custom signs are built to tie the program together and add some visual contrast throughout your athletic facilities.

2. Adding Depth Through Dimensions

While the ability to create custom signs in almost any shape is a huge selling point, adding visual impact through 3-dimension designs is another way to give your facilities a real punch. By manipulating the number of layers added, as well as material, there are many looks you can achieve.

Dimensional lettering and logos add a level of depth and visual interest that may not be present with a typical flat sign. To see a specific project that used dimensional die-cut signs, check out Garber High School’s custom sign project here.

3. Tying Outdoor Facilities Together

Maintaining a cohesive look throughout your athletic facilities can be a major challenge for many programs. It’s crucial to establish a baseline through custom signage that matches and supports your overall brand. Matching the PMS color code, logos, and taglines of your program is table stakes for any die-cut sign additions. Building a cohesive program throughout the school or facility can unite players and fans alike with a larger sense of community.

Team Fitz Graphics has an in-house design team that is ready to collaborate with your organization to build a consistent, on-brand look that enhances your facilities. Start a conversation with a Team Fitz rep, and start building your custom look today!

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