Island Coast High School Builds Cohesive Look with Record Board Project

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 03/28/2018

The athletic department at Island Coast High School in Cape Coral, FL put together a comprehensive project that included a record board for each sport. Not only were they thoughtful about different sports and their various records, Island Coast was very deliberate in the way they displayed the boards.


When the Gators approached us to help with the project they had already seen our Slide-In Record Boards at South Fort Myers High School. They were interested in a similarly styled board project for their program.

Tying together the entire project is a central “GATOR RECORDS” sign with an oversized logo. Additionally, similar design elements were carried through the design of each record board. Each board features the same header, footer, athletic block font, and a subtle gator-skin background pattern.

By pursuing record boards as a project rather than over time, from different vendors, you ensure consistency that features the same design, sizing, and matched color scheme.

Each record board for Island Coast’s project was designed at 4’x4’, which is the most common size for this style record board. Many of the boards include both boys and girls such as track & field, soccer, and swimming, whereas the football record board takes up the entire board due to the large number of records recorded for the sport. Some teams, that track fewer records were combined together sharing a board. Combining sports in this way can sometimes be helpful from a cost-saving perspective.

The Slide-In Record Boards are a customer favorite because it features a high-end layered look and is easy to update when records are broken. We typically recommend them for interior installations that are viewed from 25’ or less. The most common places they are hung are athletic hallways, lobbies, and focal areas like the entrance to a gym. Island Coast chose to display their boards in a row down an athletic hallway.

Looking for ideas on how you can display your athletic records? Reach out today—we’re happy to help!


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