Indian Hill High School Brands their Athletic Locker Room

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 09/10/2018

Finding innovative ways to add additional colors and branding elements to an athletic facility may seem like a daunting task. How large should it be? Should we add photos? What are we trying to accomplish with these graphics? These are examples of some of the questions that are asked when considering a graphics project like the one recently completed at Indian Hill High School.


After completion of a full renovation of their athletic hallway and locker rooms, Indian Hill High School was left with long blank walls where their athletes walk every day. We developed a plan to create focal points in the athletic wing and add color and branding to the entire facility. Here we will dive into some of the thought processes behind a few of the main pieces included in the project.


Every graphics project should start with a focal piece. You can probably think of an entrance to your facility that is a large blank wall that almost everyone walks by. For Indian Hill, an impressive new team room was built, and  between the two entrance doors to the team room is a big blank wall.


This 24’ graphic was perfect as the main centerpiece. Here we chose to construct a 3D dimensional design by layering multiple layers of PVC covering in a graphic pattern. The PVC layers combined with the existing canned lighting created some great shadows which makes the piece jump off the wall.  



The brand-new locker rooms were great, but the outside entrance was plain. We decided to install wall murals near each of the boy’s and girl’s locker room entrances. Ultimately, we landed on using some great team images to represent each locker room.

Finding the perfect image was difficult. When choosing an image for a wall graphic, try to select one that that either has great historical significance to your program or shows strong emotion. A good team huddle or celebration picture can keep the focus on the program rather than any one individual. Be aware that current team and individual images can sometimes look dated as uniforms and styles change.

Across the hall from the locker room entrance murals is another large blank wall at approximately 28 feet in width. Every athlete walks past this wall on their daily route, so it made sense to make it a stand out piece. After some discussion, we decided this was the perfect place to reinforce the core beliefs of the athletic program, “Champions play hard, play smart and play together.”


As athletes enter the locker room the image murals provide a sense of pride in their school, as they exit, they are reminded of what they were striving for each and every day.   


To continue the branding and look throughout the school, we identified the open space between the top of the lockers and the ceiling. This graphic element provides some much-needed color and visual interest down the long lengths of hallway. In total, there were 27 of these areas ranging from 8’ to 42’ in length.

To fill this space, we came designed five unique stretches of pattern, each starting with an Indian Hill High School logo. Each design could then be mixed and matched depending on the length of each section.


We were excited about this project because most of the hallways you walk through at schools are the same generic cream color. Adding in branding above locker bays are a creative way to utilize a space that is typically is just empty space.

We have also discussed the possibility of adding inspirational quotes to the new graphics down the road. Deciding what quotes should be placed in each area can be time consuming. This design solution allowed the background graphics to be installed right away adding immediate impact. We then have the flexibility to add the quotes down the road if the decision is made to move forward with that option.

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