Improve Your Locker Room With A Team Goal Board

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One of the most effective ways to have a successful season is to develop specific, attainable team goals. There is no better way to track your progress than with a locker room goal board. These versatile athletic goal boards are custom designed to serve your team effectively in the place where your athletes spend most of their time. Here are a few ways that a team goal board can improve your locker room and make your team more successful.


Creating SMART goals and tracking your progress give your season a clear, coherent direction. SMART goals are defined as objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. By setting SMART goals you are providing your athletes with a clear roadmap to success. Like building blocks, each smaller goal achieved builds towards a larger objective.

A team goal board can be an effective tool to show exactly how this plays out on the field or court. Your athletes will be able to see how wins are had if enough smaller goals are accomplished such as specific offensive or defensive goals. On the flip side, they will be able to see the areas that may have lost them the game, and learn from it.

Foster player unity as the team begins reaching short-term goals. Even the smallest of things can swing a win or a loss for a team. Things like limiting turnovers, defensive points scored and zero penalties build toward a win. Coaches of different sports will have a varying list of goals, but you get the idea. By regularly reviewing this clear plan in the locker room, your team will be able to unify under their shared objective as they begin reaching their goals.

Motivate your players every time they enter the locker room. No one likes to be called out for not pulling weight. Athletes are often inherently competitive people and will be eager to work toward shoring up obvious weak points. Goal boards offer intrinsic motivation for improvement by fostering healthy competition in practice and on game day.

A team goal board is an effective way to unify your team under your game plan and track progress along the way. These and other changes in your locker room can positively affect the attitude of your team. Team Fitz Graphics specializes in creating effective tools for coaches such as goal boards and custom coaches’ whiteboards. With vivid and impactful large-format wall graphics and motivational signs we can also make you look great while doing it! Give us a call today.

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