If Your Athletic Hall of Fame Needs an Upgrade, Start Here.

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A school’s athletic hall of fame plays an outsized role in recording the athletic history of a program. It honors the athleticism, time, and a wealth of energy put in by athletes, coaches, staff, and even their families. Because it’s such a vital part of a school’s athletic history, it’s important to display it in a way that makes your alumni and students proud.

Whether you are starting a hall of fame, or your current signage just needs a refresh, it’s important to think through the details. Start with these four considerations to get the most out of your purchase.

athletic-hall-of-fame-plaques (1)DECIDE WHAT INFORMATION TO INCLUDE
One of the first decisions that typically needs to be made when considering a hall of fame project is what information to include. At a minimum, most athletic programs include the inductee’s name, graduation year, sport played, and their induction year.

Beyond this typical information, you may want to reference other relevant material such as accomplishments, awards, or other prestigious honors. Headshots or action photos can also be a welcome addition to a hall of fame display. This extra information and supporting photographs can go a long way toward providing a more enriching experience for the viewer.

Earning a slot in a school’s hall of fame is a prestigious accomplishment. As such we recommend selecting a distinct location to display your hall of fame. Look for a wall space in a high-traffic area where it can be seen and appreciated. A main entrance, athletic lobby, or anywhere fans and visitors tend to gather are good places to consider.

The final size of your hall of fame depends largely on the content you decide to include, number of current inductees, and the room you would like to have available for future growth. The amount of available wall space can also play a practical role in determining the overall size.

We recommend leaning on the expertise of the design team you are working with on the project. They should be able to take the information you provide and present a solution that works for your intended space.


Naturally, a hall of fame display will be updated each year as new classes are inducted. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with how updates are added to your hall of fame signage.

Furthermore, make sure you work with a reputable company that has demonstrated they can provide these updates long after the initial sale. Because you will likely go back to this company for years to come for updates to your signage, you want to make sure you feel comfortable working with them long term.


Obviously, budget is an important consideration of any athletic-department purchase. It’s always a good idea to have a rough idea of what you are willing to spend on a project during the initial conversation with your provider. By having this conversation early, your provider can offer you a design that works within your budget and help avoid sticker shock. Fortunately, there are many options for constructing an athletic hall of fame and one can be designed to fit nearly any budget.

Rather than dipping into your athletics budget, you may also consider seeking support from donors. A hall of fame is often the type of project that gets the alumni association and athletic boosters excited. You can also reach out to your list of past inductees for support. They may be interested in helping with a project that helps show off their contributions to the school. These contributors are often recognized on the physical hall-of-fame display or on a separate plaque.


Team Fitz sales reps are ready to help regardless if you’re ready to move forward or just looking to get more information. Reach out today to hear more about how Team Fitz can help design an athletic hall of fame for your school that will make you proud.

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