How to Properly Showcase Track & Field Records

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Track and field is largely an individual sport where the team and race components come secondary. While winning your heat is gratifying, beating a school or personal record brings a larger sense of accomplishment. For sports like track and field or cross country, it can be difficult to unite the team with a single source of motivation. You can achieve this goal with record board or recognition board that helps unify your program.

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Track record boards are a great way to show off individual achievement for a track & field team. Because track & field, along with cross country, have a consistent set of records from school to school, the records are usually readily available. As a result, we produce more record boards for track & field and cross country than any other sport.

The main considerations for a track and field record board are viewing distance and the location you intend to hang your record board. For a shorter viewing distance, the best option is a Slide-in Record Board or a Laid-Vinyl Record Board. These boards are most commonly found in athletic hallways, lobbies, outside near the track, or anywhere else that a viewing distance of 25’ or less is required.

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Slide-in Record Boards are our most popular and best-selling record board style. They are simple to update; the records simply slide in and out for replacement. Due to the way they are constructed they are recommended only for indoor use only. On the other hand, Laid-Vinyl Record Boards are made to stand up to the outdoor elements. Laid-Vinyl Boards also update easily. New adhesive-backed records are placed right over the top of the old records using a simple update system.

For viewing distances of 25’ or greater, a Velcro-Panel Record Board is your best bet. Grand in size, Velcro-Panel Record Boards are best suited for a gym, field house or on the side of an outdoor athletic facility. Removable record panels are attached with an industrial-grade Velcro mounting system ensuring your records stay put until you are ready to change them. Available in both indoor and outdoor options, these large-format track record boards make an impact.


While records turn over as greater distances, heights, and times are logged, some victories deserve longer-lasting recognition. Add-A-Name Boards are designed to highlight multiple athletes in a running list. These boards can be easily added to as needed. Common examples of track and cross country recognition we see honored are: state champions and placers, All-state and All-American athletes, and hall of fame inductees.

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The ultimate honor for any high school athlete is to have his or her jersey retired. Instead of going through the trouble of having an actual jersey framed, consider a die-cut jersey sign. Both long lasting and durable outdoors, this modern spin on the typical retired jersey is a great way to honor your top performers and hall of fame members.

Record and recognition boards are a great way to unite a team with friendly competition and then honor that achievement once earned.

“As silly as it sounds, once we got the track record board installed, everything changed. The girls can SEE their records, so getting on the record board has become a huge goal! Its turned into a ritual to have an end-of-year “Record Update” picture with all the new record holders. Getting the record board has paid off. Since I took over, we have broken all but four school records. Thanks again!”

Robert McQuoid, Track Coach
Geneva High School

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