How Do Other Schools View Your Facilities

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When putting on an athletic event, there are typically two different areas that showcase your facility and showcase your school to visiting teams. First, there is the actual playing venue. The basketball court, the football field, the baseball field or the swimming pool. All of this directly reflects on your school, as it is what the students and parents see. Secondly, there is what is seen behind closed doors. The locker room also has an impact on students. An updated locker room can make your athletes feel as if they’re playing at the next level. If your team is impressed with the facilities, others will be as well.


In a perfect world and unlimited budget, you might consider replacing your turf, building a new locker room or knocking down your stadium and starting fresh. This isn’t always an option, but there are many ways you can cost-effectively take the look of your facilities to the next level.

The Field, Court or Pool

Outside of the shape of a baseball outfield, the competitive surface is all the same. A football field is the same size from one town to the next. The swimming pool is the same length and the wrestling mat is the same size. Where you can make a difference is in the visuals that you have around your field or court and locker room. Great looking signage, flags and banners can stand out in the minds of away players and fans.

Flags and banners are also good ways to add color and improve the look of your stadium, field or court. Flags with your school colors can flapping in the wind create a wonderful visual, whereas championship gym banners can have an intimidating effect and show the away team your past victories and the history of your success.

Fence windscreens are one of the most overlooked ways to add huge impact to your outdoor facilities. These oversized graphics can turn a mundane chain link fence into a focal point that will really make a big difference in the look of your facility. The best part is they offer a ‘next level’ look without a bigtime price. They are typically very affordable compared to other types of signage.

Locker Room

Most locker rooms look alike. Most kids are not able to pick out one from the next, unless it truly stands out. Things such as motivational signage and personalized locker nameplates can go a long way to turning a bland locker room into something that is sure to leave an impression. Even these small changes can make your locker room reminiscent of a college or professional facility. Other options for upgrading your locker room are custom dry erase boards coaches can use to illustrate plays, team goal boards and record boards. Most of the kids will never play in college or professionally, but it helps them feel professional and will reflect in their attitude.

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