How Do I Update My School Record Board?

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 06/02/2016

Congratulations! If you are reading this, chances are you had some school records broken and you want to show them off. Anytime someone reaches out to us for record updates, we know that the sooner you can update the board, the better. Typically, we recommend updating your school record board at the end of each season. This keeps your cost down in the event that the same athlete breaks her own record multiple times in a season. When you are ready to update your record board, follow the directions below.


1. Email us the info for the updates you need. We will need to know the sport including gender, event/statistic, athlete name, year and record that needs updating. This will help us to know the exact record that is being updated along with the exact spelling and times for the record.

2. Send us a photo of your board. Often times, we are asked to update boards that are not ones that we produce. By sending us a photo of your existing board, we can take a look at what you have and advise on the best plan moving forward. If you want to replace an old board with a new one, this photo will help us create a new custom design for you as well.

3. Review and approve the design proof. Before we produce any updates, we will send you a proof and a quote. This is your chance to double check the spelling of the names, the years and the record. Once we receive the approval, we will be able to start production and get these out to you ASAP.

4. Update your board. Once you receive the new updates, you should be able to easily update it.  We have three popular type of record updates. Our Slide-In Record Boards have plastic strips that each record is printed on. These slide into slots built into the side of the board. Old records are easily removed by inserting a sticky note into the slot and pulling the old strip out. Our Laid-Vinyl Record Boards have adhesive backed strips that easily are applied over top of the old records. Our large Velcro-Panel Record Boards and Natatorium Record Boards have PVC panels that Velcro onto the background. Simply, pull the old record off and slap the new record into place and you will be good to go.

5. Show it off. Go get the new record holder and his family, and show it off. Show it off to the whole team and make a big deal out of it. A new school record is a big deal and this is an opportunity to inspire others to work hard and earn a spot on the record board.

Updating your board should be easy, so we try to make the process as painless as possible. We understand that there is a tight window of excitement after a record is broken, so we try to address record updates as quickly as possible. I should note that we cannot update all boards that we did not originally produce. This is where is might be advantageous to take a look at a new board and get a fresh look into the space. Either way, reach out to us, and one of our sales reps will be able to get you pointed in the right direction. 

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