Has the Dust Settled on Your School’s Hall of Fame?

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 11/30/2017

A hall of fame chronicles the history and tradition of an athletic program. It honors the athleticism, hours, and toil of the athletes, coaches and staff that have collectively built a school’s athletic legacy.

Because this is such an important part a school’s past, it is important to have a hall of fame display your school can be proud of. If your hall of fame is non-existent, out of room, or has become a dusty and haphazard collection of mismatched picture frames, it may be time for a refresh.

Bring your athletic hall of fame back into the spotlight. Highlighted below is the most popular approach to the school hall of fame.

hall of fame options blog-01.png


Hall of fame signage can take many forms including a standalone sign, mounted plaques, mounted plaques under a header sign, and even full wall coverings.

Each display is designed to fit your specific wall space and unique needs. Your logo and colors will be combined with the details of your inductees. Entries typically include name, sport(s) played, year inducted, and graduation year. Many of our customers also choose to include photographs, a brief biography, or list of accomplishments.

There are many high-quality materials and finishes that can be incorporated that offer a high-end and professional appearance. In addition to vibrantly-printed graphics, our design team can incorporate elements such as: laser-cut acrylic and aluminum plaques, custom-routed lettering and logos, and aluminum StandOff hardware. See an example of this unique style with Rock Hill High School’s Hall of Fame.

Care is taken in the initial design phase to ensure your school hall of fame is easy to maintain and offers plenty of room to expand as future classes are inducted.

A school’s athletic hall of fame plays an important role in honoring athletic history, motivating current athletes, and connecting alumni and fans back to the school. Team Fitz Graphics is a leading supplier of hall of fame graphics to high school and university athletic programs nationwide. Give us a call today to speak with a representative about the many options available. We would be happy to answer questions, provide a quote, and get started on a custom design for your project.

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