Going Beyond Signing Day with Media Backdrops and Table Throws

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 11/14/2017

With National Signing Day right around the corner, athletic directors and coaches are busy preparing for this milestone event in the lives of their athletes. A key product that helps provide a professional-looking experience for the big day is a custom media backdrop and table throw package.


While National Signing Day is the most obvious photo op in high school athletics, there are numerous opportunities to use a custom backdrop and table throw throughout the year. Below are a few other ways we commonly see this product used by athletic departments.

Press Conferences / Media Sessions

Add a professional touch to press conferences and media sessions. An easy solution for creating a professional atmosphere to conduct post-game briefings, big announcements, or interviews of coaches and key players.

Photo Opportunities

There are always good photo opportunities that come about throughout the year. Having a branded and professional backdrop makes for clean and vivid event photos. Your media backdrop and table throw set is easy to store when not in use and easy to set up when those impromptu events occur.

Team & Player Profile Pictures

A media backdrop can provide a clean and branded background for team photos and player profile pictures. A custom branded backdrop helps these pictures look and feel like those found in university and other high-level programs.

Team Banquets & Donor Dinners

The end of the school year will come fast. Now is the time to start planning for your end-of-season awards banquets. Media backdrops and table throw are a great way set the stage for sophisticated photos of your athletes, from most-improved to MVP. A media backdrop and table throw also provides a great way to display your awards and offers a refined backdrop for end-of-year speeches.

Get the most out of your media backdrop and table throw year round. In addition to helping create a memorable signing day experience for your athletes, they are perfect for any event that clean and school-branded photos are ideal. Contact us today to learn more and get a free custom proof and quote.

For more info on signing day, download our Ultimate Signing Day Checklist to help make this event unforgettable.

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