Go the Distance with Cross Country Record and Recognition Boards

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Distance running is not for the faint at heart. Each year, athletes dedicate loads of time and energy mentally and physically equipping their bodies in training for cross country season. The most dedicated of runners train year-round, sometimes with dreams of trumping regional or state records, and sometimes with the goal to simply beat their own personal best.


Give your team a competitive edge and keep them goal-oriented with a prominent record board displayed near your competition course. In an individual sport like distance running, it can be difficult to find a central motivation that brings the whole team together. A record board shows the accomplishments of the entire team over a single season or several years all in one place. You can also exhibit past District, Regional and/or State Championship athletes with a Recognition Board. This will not only give credit to the hard work of athletes past; it will light a fire in the hearts of current athletes to work to contribute to the heritage of your school’s program during their own cross country careers.

We wish your team the best of luck as you gear up for the upcoming cross country season! To get started on your custom cross country record or recognition board, connect with one of our Team Fitz representatives today.

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