Garber Wolverine’s Gym Amplified with Custom Signage

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 12/11/2017

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Custom signage can transform any space (new or existing) into a professional-looking, vibrant facility, where your athletes are proud to play. Team Fitz recently had the pleasure of helping Garber High School, of Garber, Oklahoma, with custom signage for their newly completed gymnasium. Garber was looking to breathe life into the space with custom graphics placed in key areas of the gym.

The concessions stand, a focal part of the gym with high foot traffic, was a priority area. In a preliminary discussion with Will Jones, Superintendent, the rough parameters such as size, placement, and content of the graphic were ironed out. Following that conversation, the our in-house design department developed a plan and drafted a design.

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This initial draft was rectangular in shape and included the provided “We Are Wolverines” text, a ghosted logo, and a color scheme featuring maroon and silver accented with black and white. After reviewing the design, Will Jones decided the design should be revisited. He really wanted this piece to stand out. Armed with that feedback we went back to the drawing board and developed a fresh plan for the project.

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The new design started with a custom routed background highlighting the Wolverine logo. By breaking out of the standard rectangular shape, the graphic instantly felt more dynamic. Next, dimensional lettering made with routed PVC was added. There are many options when it comes to dimensional lettering. By manipulating the thickness of material and number of layers included, many looks can be achieved. As the name suggests, dimensional lettering and logos add depth and visual interest to a typical flat sign.

A unique process was used for this particular piece when layering the dimensional lettering. Two layers were used for the word “Wolverines”. The bottom layer was produced at a reduced size compared to the top layer, making the top layer appear to float over the surface of the board when assembled.

To round out the design, the Wolverine’s athletic “G” logo, was added to each side of the main sign. These die-cut logo signs were custom cut and made with a single layer of material. Breaking up a display into multiple pieces like this can be a great way to cover an expansive space while also controlling cost.

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