Finish Your Bleachers with a Custom Windscreen Banner

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/30/2018

When most people hear the term ‘windscreen’, images of ground-level outfield or tennis fences probably come to mind. While these are common installation locations, there are many alternative ways to implement custom windscreens in order to make a big impact at your athletic facility. Along the top of stadium bleachers is an ideal spot for this popular banner. Complete your bleachers with the visual impact of a custom windscreen.


Finish the Look of Your Stadium

Windscreen banners are a great way to put the finishing touches on a set of stadium bleachers. In addition to providing a clean and finished appearance, they place your team branding up high in the stands where it will get noticed from a distance. All stadium windscreens are custom designed to include your team’s specific colors, logo, and branding. A cohesive, well-branded facility can help with school spirit, team motivation, recruiting, and fan engagement.

Choose Durable and Long-Lasting Materials

Each full-color windscreen is digitally printed on 30% windscreen mesh. As the name suggests, this material has tiny perforations allowing 30% of the wind to pass through unobstructed. This feature is critically important for this type of product, as a solid banner can act like a sail causing damage to both your banner and sometimes to the fencing itself.

The windscreen finishing steps are equally important to the overall durability and weather resistance. Every windscreen banner produced by Team Fitz includes webbing that has been double sewn around the entire perimeter of the banner. This webbing is similar to a seatbelt material and provides strength under the pressure of wind. Finally, metal eyelets, or grommets, are installed approximately every two feet around the outside of the windscreen. These grommets provide plenty of anchor points to securely attach the windscreen to the fencing to distribute wind load.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Because the pricing is lower than many traditional outdoor signage options, windscreen also offers a large return on your investment. Having the ability to cover a large area at a cost-effective price, windscreens can give the impression of a much larger renovation. For this reason, bleacher windscreen is a great project for not only a new facility, but also for refreshing an aging facility in need of a facelift.

Interested in learning more about windscreen for your stadium or other facilities? Reach out to one of our sales reps today. They would be happy to answer questions and get a custom design and quote proposal kicked off. If you are not ready to speak with someone, feel free to download our free windscreen toolkit for design tips, measuring and installation info, and more.

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