FAQ: Using Media Backdrops for Signing Day

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 10/30/2018

National letter of intent day is a major moment for your athletes and their families. Their tireless efforts have paid off and they are declaring their commitment for the next 4 – 5 years. Taking that next step in their athletic career is something to be celebrated by the athlete, parents, coaches and community.


Team Fitz has been helping athletic programs look professional at this momentous occasion for more 11 years. Maximizing that experience, we have a few recommendations to help you get the most out of your media backdrop and table throw purchase. We’ve gathered some of the most common questions about the big day and how to add a professional touch.

What size media backdrop do you most commonly sell?

Backdrop size is the number one question we get asked by programs across the nation. Our 12’ x 8’ backdrop is by far the most requested size by our customers. This size is generally paired with an 8’ table throw.

The main benefit to this larger size is to accommodate pictures of larger groups. While an 8’ x 8’ backdrop is great for individual athletes, the 12’ x 8’ backdrop gives you more flexibility to include multiple athletes, coaches, and family members in pictures.   

What type of design do you recommend?

Design options are unlimited, but there are two design styles we see most often. The first and primary design we produce is a step-and-repeat pattern of logos. This is the style most commonly seen in the background of professional athlete and coach interviews and at events such as along the red carpet.

Another popular media backdrop design is an oversized logo, sometimes with a smaller step-and-repeat pattern surrounding it. For this specific style, it’s important to keep in mind that much of that larger logo may be blocked by people when they are sitting or standing in front of the backdrop. For that reason, we typically recommend a smaller step-and-repeat pattern.

How long does it take to produce the backdrop and table throw?

Realistically, producing a media backdrop and a table throw takes around 2 – 3 weeks. After providing us with your colors and logo, we will put together an initial proof.  That will take a few days, and then we work with the program to finalize the design after we receive their feedback. At that point we are looking at about a week before the design is finalized.

Once we have the final design and we receive the appropriate paperwork, production generally takes 7 – 10 business days before we ship it out. If you are working with less time than that, please reach out. We can generally accommodate rush orders.

What material do you recommend for backdrops?

We have found that a fabric material is the best for media backdrops. Vinyl material has been requested but we don’t offer or recommend this material. Primarily for its tendency to produce glare. You wouldn’t want the overhead lighting or a camera flash ruining your picture. Also, vinyl needs to be rolled to avoid creasing while fabric can be folded for storage.  

What are your backdrop stands made out of?

Our backdrops supported by a telescoping aluminum frame. It’s 1” diameter offers a great strength-to-weight ratio for long-term durability. The assembly attaches to high-quality steel bases for great stability. Each hardware kit can be quickly assembled and breaks down to a small size for storage while not in use.

Need help projecting a more professional look on signing day? Reach out to one of our sales reps today to get the process started. We are happy to answer questions and provide a custom proof and quote for your program.

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