Don’t Forget to Recognize Your Team—and Your Players

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It pretty much goes without saying, but here it is: sports are hard! Even if you’ve never personally been in a late-January basketball practice thinking to yourself, “If Coach makes us run one more suicide drill, I’m going to riot,” I’m willing to bet you still know exactly what I’m talking about. And while it’s teamwork and determination that ultimately get us through those moments, feeling recognized and appreciated for our effort helps us stay positive when the going gets tough.


When it comes to athletics, we preach teamwork, sacrifice and togetherness. Afterall, those are the qualities that bring together championship teams. Even in “individual” sports like swimming and wrestling, it can feel impossible to get through a tough practice without your teammates at your back. When it comes to keeping players motivated to push the extra mile, though, it’s important to also recognize individual accomplishments. This can, of course, be for good ole fashioned stats like goals scored or aces served, but could also be “Most Improved Academics” for the player who raises his GPA by seeking out extra help or awarding “Leadership” points for that player who always runs the extra sprint, so her teammate doesn’t have to do it alone. Every player contributes something different – and important – that deserves recognition. We’ve all seen Rudy, right?

Just as your players surprise you with the different ways they put forth effort – on and off the field – there are endless ways to show them you see their hard work. Here are a few we can help you with:


Record boards are a lasting testament to standout performers and a way to motivate up-and-comers to push just a little extra. 


Begin a new tradition of reminding your team of the history and honor your program carries. Recognize exceptional past athletes and encourage current ones with athlete recognition boards.


Forgo the hassle and expense of framing retired jerseys and opt for custom die-cut jersey signs. Designed for any sport and can even be made to hang outdoors.   


Success often starts in the weight room. Recognize hard work and motivate athletes of all sports to compete by displaying current and all-time records on a custom strength board.

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