Choosing a Track and Field Record Board

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 05/03/2016

We’re going to take a shot(put) in the dark and assume that your discus throwers aren’t also your high jumpers, and that your best sprinter isn’t also your fastest mile runner. When you’re filling out your event schedule for a track team, not just any athlete will do for any event. The same is true for the record board you choose to showcase the achievements of your track athletes.


To make sure you invest in the proper record board, you should answer a few questions before making a purchase.

Where will it go, indoors or outdoors? Will it get rained or snowed on? What direction will it face? Will it be in the sun or in the shade? An outdoor record board requires different materials in order to stand up to the elements. If you’ve invested in a high quality record board, rain shouldn’t warp its construction and sunlight shouldn’t fade its design. At Team Fitz, we use highway-sign-grade materials made to withstand harsh weather and damaging UV rays to protect your record board for years to come.

How big does it need to be? What sort of space does your record board need to fill? Will viewers be looking at it close up or from a distance? All these questions will determine how large your record board needs to be. We offer record boards in a wide range of sizes and will fill custom orders if your space calls for something more unique.

What will your design look like? What records do you want to show? Finally, it’s time to talk design. Our team will work with you to determine a custom design, specific to your school’s colors, mascots and specs. A record board is about preserving your school’s heritage and tradition. Our job is to deliver the tailor-made design and high quality product to help you do just that.

If you’re ready to invest in a track and field record board or would like to answer these questions with the help of a Team Fitz representative, get in touch today. 

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