Choose the Swimming Record Board that Will Work Best for Your Location

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/08/2019

Installation location is an important factor to consider when you’re looking at swimming record board options. Differences such as viewing distance and whether the board is indoor or outdoor are significant when it comes to choosing the right board for your facility. Let’s explore the different swim record board options based on the most common locations they’re installed.



There are two options for an outdoor swim record board. The most common of the two is a Laid-Vinyl Record Board built with all-weather materials including aluminum and a protective laminate with UV filter. These boards are updated with a decal strip that is simply applied right over the previous record. Often outdoor pool locations don’t have a lot of wall space available. This smaller record board can be easily mounted to concession stand walls, near the gate, or other small spaces. This size is best suited for areas that require 25’ or less of viewing distance.

The second option for outdoor display is a Velcro-Panel Record Board. These larger boards offer a ‘WOW’ factor and are perfect for venues that require a greater viewing distance. These boards are built with the same all-weather materials, but are updated differently. The record panels are attached using an outdoor-rated Velcro mounting system that makes it incredibly easy to change out records as they’re broken.



Swim record boards for indoor installations are actually very similar to those described for the outdoors. After all, the high heat and humidity found in most natatoriums can be similar to harsh weather found outside. The difference lies in the materials used to construct the record boards. While outdoor boards require an aluminum substrate, indoor boards are built using a PVC base material. PVC offers unquestionable performance indoors and more importantly, a large cost savings over aluminum.

Another difference often found in indoor installations is the larger Velcro-Panel Record Board is a more popular choice. Indoor pool areas typically have high walls which offer great locations for larger boards.



Outdoors + Viewing Distance of 25’ or Less = Laid-Vinyl Record Board (Aluminum)

Outdoors + Viewing Distance of 25’ or More = Velcro-Panel Record Board (Aluminum)

Indoors + Viewing Distance of 25’ or Less = Laid-Vinyl Record Board (PVC)

Indoors + Viewing Distance of 25’ or More = Velcro-Panel Record Board (PVC)



We often see swim record boards going up in areas that are not necessarily right next to the pool. Athletic hallways, gym walls, or lobby areas are popular high traffic areas for record board display. In these cases, there is one additional style record board to consider. Our Slide-In Record Board is our most popular and best-selling record board overall. Record strips simply slide in and out of built-in channels behind the boards acrylic face. These high-end boards look great, but shouldn’t be installed outdoors or directly next to a pool because condensation can occur inside the channels of the board behind the acrylic.

Is it time to start displaying your swim records? Reach out today to a Team Fitz sales representative today. They can walk you through these options, answer questions, and provide a free proof and quote for your project.


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