Bring Your Athletic Legacy Out of the Shadows

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One thing we often hear from athletic directors and coaches is that they have wonderful athletic history and tradition, but they have nothing to show it off. Many outstanding athletes have come and gone over the years that have been completely forgotten. Cracking an old yearbook shouldn’t be the only way to shed light on your athletic legacy. It’s time to honor these past athletes.


One traditional way of honoring top athletes is retiring their jersey. Try this modern twist on the retired jersey without the expense and trouble of framing an actual jersey. We custom design die-cut jersey signs for every sport including: football, basketball, baseball, softball, cross country, track, wrestling, volleyball, tennis, soccer and marching band.

The graphic designers at Team Fitz can make your retired jersey signs look exactly like your current uniforms or even match the way they looked back in the day. We can incorporate your logo, colors, text and any other design elements you desire.

There are two material options to choose from, PVC and aluminum. PVC plastic is perfect for indoor display and aluminum signs are made for outdoor use at a football or baseball field or any other outdoor athletic facility. Each sign features vividly-printed graphics and a tough laminate to protect the finish and prevent color fade using a UV light blocker.

Generate excitement from alumni and fans and also help to motivate your current athletes by showing them the proud athletic honor of those who came before them. Team Fitz is a leading supplier of retired jersey signs to athletic programs across the nation. Contact one our team members today for more information and to get things started.

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