Best Lacrosse Goalie Drills

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 12/23/2015

You can try a lot of different things in order to perform better as a lacrosse goalie. However, these four lacrosse goalie drills have all been tried and tested and are designed to help you improve your reactions, agility and defense.



This defense based drill helps you to improve your agility for defending against any level of hard shot during a game. The way it works is you have two players standing on each side of you, around 15 yards away, whilst you are guarding the goal. They then take turns taking shots at the goal, starting just below shoulder height and ending up taking floor level shots, repeating until you are fully warmed up. 


This might sound like the easiest drill in the world, but jumping rope is actually one of the most physically strenuous exercises that you can do to improve your all round agility. Keep a jump rope in your training bag and find the time to do 10 to 15 minutes per day, gradually increasing your speed. This drill is really useful for increasing your foot speed and agility. 


When you need to quickly react to a shot before getting ready to defend against the next one, balance is just as important as speed and agility. For this balance drill, place three or four low level hurdles in a row and practice side stepping quickly over them whilst keeping the ball safe and also jumping into a squat at each end.


Once you have your balance and speed up to a high level, the next thing you want to improve on is reaction times. If a deflected shot is coming at you it is more than likely going to be incredibly fast and unnoticeable until the last second, bringing into play the importance of balance again. In this drill your teammates line up in a row five yards behind you as you are standing five yards behind a wall.

The team take it in turns to take shots at the wall and you try to save them as they deflect back towards you. This drill should start slowly before getting much faster to improve reaction times alongside agility and balance. There will always be something a drill will help you improve on, no matter your experience! 


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