Adding a Personal Touch to Your Locker Rooms

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 05/19/2017

Renovating your locker room doesn’t have to break the bank. There are several upgrades that can provide a quick and dynamic improvement to your locker room aesthetics. In addition to bringing increased functionality and organization to your locker room, they also have the benefit of adding color and personality to an otherwise stark space. This personalized and professional touch can make a big difference without the hassle and budget of a major renovation.



Personalized locker nameplates are a great place to start when customizing your locker room. This quick and easy update helps promote a professional look while helping to organize your space. There are many options available, but the most common are metal bracket-style slide in plates, magnetic locker markers and locker decal tags.

Slide-In Locker Nameplates with Metal Bracket

These custom nameplates simply slide in and out of a metal brackets mounted to lockers. The metal brackets only need to be purchased once and should never need to be replaced.

Future slide-in replacements are both inexpensive and hassle free to update. Because they are so easy to maintain and offer a permanent solution, slide-in locker markers remain the most popular choice for coaches.

Magnetic Locker Nameplates

Magnetic locker nameplates are the easiest way to add some personalization to your facility. This simple solution is perfect for any locker room that features metal lockers. Easy to apply, remove and rearrange as necessary.

Decal Locker Tags

Locker decal tags allow you to look professional, even on a budget. These cost-effective locker tags are printed on adhesive-backed vinyl that apply easily. Like all Team Fitz locker markers, they are custom designed with your team in mind.


A custom field & court dry erase board is another way to add visual interest to your locker room while also providing an effective coaching tool. 65% of the population consists of visual learners, meaning they absorb information best through images and demonstrations. Coaches that rely too heavily on lecture miss a big opportunity to reach a large segment of their team most effectively.

In addition to including your school colors, logo and other branding specifics, Team Fitz will fully customize your board. Interested in a full court and two half courts? Or perhaps a depth chart and room to take notes? Simply let us know what you would like and we will design it for you.

Below you will find the article title “Simple Upgrades Transform Locker Rooms” written by Paul Steinbach for Athletic Business. Paul Does an excellent job highlighting how programs with a limited budget for upgrades can make simple, personal tweaks to drastically improve the functionality and visual impact of their locker rooms.

Simple Upgrades Transform Locker Rooms

By Paul Steinbach
Originally Found on Athletic Business

When outfitting a locker room, a few simple upgrades can enhance functionality and aesthetics. Baseball players at Southern University in Baton Rouge, La., will soon be heading for home - or at least more homey surroundings. In May, state legislators budgeted $1.5 million for th

e expansion of Southern's on-campus baseball venue to include new locker rooms, coaches' offices and weight-training facilities. "We're dealing with $1.5 million, so we can't get too extravagant," says SU head baseball coach Roger Cador, who personally brokered the deal with lawmakers and expects to have a hand in the expansion's design. "Obviously, we'll have something nice that will last a long time…


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