4 Ways to Recognize Athletes in a Gym Lobby

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 05/07/2019

 One of the most traveled areas of any school is the athletic entrance and gym lobby. Guests purchase concessions, pay for tickets, and gather here before and after each game. That regular congregation of students, parents, and fans makes a gym lobby an ideal place to recognize the outstanding individual athletes that have made your program great.

Below are the top 4 products that best display individual athletic achievement in an athletic entrance or hallway, gym lobby, or anywhere else you would want to show off athletic records and successes.



One of the highest honors for a student-athlete is being inducted into their school hall of fame. By highlighting this prime achievement, you honor your hall of famers while also create a motivating force for your current athletes. Additionally, the nostalgia created by induction ceremonies is great for keeping alumni engaged and create fantastic fundraising opportunity.

There are many options available including a standalone sign, mounted plaques, or a header with individual plaques underneath. The most popular style is a raised-plaque board. This hall of fame signage allows you to add each induction class easily and professional look that conveys what the inductees’ contributions mean to your school.



If you are interested in recognizing current athletes in your gym lobby, consider a picture board. Picture boards can be designed to feature images of teams, standout individuals, athletes that have gone on to play pro, or even coaching staff. Team picture boards a great alternative to the expensive, dusty, and mismatched rows of traditional picture frames found in many schools. Pictures are easily swapped out as necessary. Another advantage is that you can easily update the images whenever you like.



You aren't going to win a conference championship without having all-conference players. It’s no small accomplishment to be one of the best 22 football players when there are over 200 players in a league or another similar honor. Coaches know that individual successes are the building block to a successful team.

Add-a-name boards are perfect for recognizing these running lists of outstanding players from all-conference to all-state. Designs are typically developed to accommodate approximately 10 years of future growth.



The ultimate goal of any great athlete is being able to continue their career. If someone has achieved this, a next-level board is the perfect way to honor them and inspire younger athletes. Knowing that someone from your program has gone onto Division 1 college-level play makes that goal seem more achievable for current players. An advantage of a next-level board is the ability to move or replace inserts quickly and easily. If an athlete transfers or quits, simply remove their slide-in insert and move everyone else up.

Is there an opportunity to improve how your individual athletes are honored? Reach out to a Team Fitz representative today. They would be happy to work with you on a plan to develop your gym lobby or another athletic department facility.

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