4 Tips to Help Get Your Hall of Fame Signage Started

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 11/30/2018

Working with high schools and colleges on a daily basis makes it clear how proud they are of their students and alumni. And it’s easy to see why — student-athletes are breaking records, winning championships, and adding to the tradition of these institutions.


Every so often, individuals come through the halls that stand out among their peers. The individuals are often have the chance to be enshrined in the school’s athletic hall of fame. Unfortunately, many programs struggle to properly recognize these outstanding hall-of-famers. Below are a few suggestions to help you create a hall of fame display that stands out as much as the individuals inducted into it.

  1. Come Up with an Outstanding Concept

    It should go without saying that your hall of fame should start with a well-thought-out and impactful design. Hall of fame signage can take many forms including mounted plaques, picture boards, add-a-name boards, and even full wall displays.

    Your sales rep will be happy to help you decide which option is right for you and our experienced in-house graphic designers will deliver an outstanding concept for the project. Check out the link below to see some examples of our work with other schools.

    View Hall of Fame Displays »

  2. Choose a Prominent, High-Traffic Location

    Our favorite Hall of Fame displays are ones that are featured in a prominent space that sees a good amount of foot traffic. The people that are going to be most interested in the Hall of Fame display are going to be individuals that have been inducted, alumni, and your current students.

    You want to make sure your display is in an area where it can be seen and appreciated. Gym lobbies, athletic hallways, and main entrances are typically good places to consider. So get started, define an area, check the lighting, and make sure the display will stand out.

  3. Often More is More When it Comes to Recognition

    If you have the space for it, recognize as many individuals as possible. A Hall of Fame is a point of excitement and enthusiasm for a school. It builds tradition and pulls in alumni. By recognizing more outstanding individuals, you amplify interest in your program.

    Consider including coaches, outstanding teams, training and athletic staff, ground maintenance, game-day crew, or other individuals that have been essential to success. Every program has long-time coaches who have given years of their lives to helping young athletes. Teams might not have outstanding individuals, but together they accomplish above their abilities.

    Long-time athletic staff create the daily schedules, bring in the right coaches, and commit immeasurable time to the success of others. Find the individuals who go above and beyond and invite them in to be a permanent part of the history and tradition that makes your program great!

  4. Bring in Donors to Help Fund the Project

    To do this display right, it might be best to pull in some contributions from donors. The first groups that are generally consulted are the alumni association and the athletic boosters. From there, private donations are probably the best route. Look at the list of current inductees or future inductees and ask them to chip in. After all, the display is going to feature their name, so they have an interest in making it look as good as possible.

    Many schools also include a donor board next to the Hall of Fame displays to recognize those who have made it possible. This donor board can be as large or as small as you would like, but can be a way to invite current families to contribute to the project. If you need help convincing donors, see the first tip!

These are just a couple of suggestions that we think create the best hall of fame displays and experience for alumni, students, and fans. We have a lot of experience that we can provide in the design and execution of your Hall of Fame. Call or email us and let us work with you to start the process. We know that you are proud of your program, let us come up with an outstanding display that shares that pride with others.

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