4 Qualities That Make an Outstanding Swimming & Diving Record Board

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 05/23/2019

 There is no disputing that record boards work to motivate swimming and diving teams. Having the records of your program’s top athletes on display at every practice eliminates any confusion over the times to beat. This is the number one reason our customers tell us they want a record board for their natatorium.

Recognizing this need only gets you part way there though. There are a lot of options that can make choosing a record board seem more difficult than it is. Keep in mind, there are four main qualities to consider when looking for a record board for your swimming & diving program.

Outstanding Design

An outstanding swim and dive record board starts with outstanding design. Record boards contain a lot of information that needs to be well organized into a design that makes it easy to quickly understand and digest the info. But it shouldn’t stop there. A high-quality record board design should also complement and elevate the look of your facility.

Your initial discussion with your record board provider is a great opportunity to make specific design requests and discuss some of the options available. They will likely ask you for a few things that will help the design team get started including your logo and team colors. A picture of the space you would like to hang the record board can also be helpful.

Excellent Legibility

This goes back to the first point about outstanding design. It should go without saying that a record board should fulfill the primary objective of displaying your records in a clear and easy-to-read format. After all, what good is a record board if you can’t read it. Legibility is especially important for swim record boards considering they are often hung in expansive pool areas.

There are a few different things that affect the legibility of a swim record board design. Type size is the one that most people would recognize. Another factor is the thickness, or weight, of the lettering. The contrast between the color of the lettering and the background color also plays an important role. 

You will want to lean on the expertise of the design team you are working with to help with this. Once you provide them with your desired viewing distance, they should be able to give you design and size recommendations that will work for your facility.


Durable Construction

A typical natatorium offers unique challenges when it comes to any kind of signage, including record boards. The heat, humidity, chlorine, and even lighting common to a pool environment can wreak havoc on a record board if the right materials are not used.

When selecting a record board supplier, be sure to ask how the materials used will hold up in a natatorium. Look for materials such as PVC and aluminum that have proven durable in this type of environment. Also, look for a protective UV laminate or coating. This is necessary to prevent color fading due to the ultraviolet rays coming from windows, artificial lighting, and especially reflected back from the pool.

Simple to Update

Naturally, a record board will need to be updated as records are broken. An often-overlooked quality of an outstanding swimming record board is how easy it is to update in the future. When you are considering a record board, be sure you understand how the update process works the whole way through from ordering the records to adding them to the board.

The initial record board purchase is just the first phase. Make sure you work with a reputable company that has a demonstrated history of providing service after the sale. Because you will go back to the same company for your updates, you need a provider that you feel comfortable working with long-term.

Team Fitz is a leading national supplier of swimming and diving record boards of all sizes. Reach out today to speak to a representative. They would be happy to answer questions and share examples of their work. When you’re ready, they can even have their in-house graphics team mock up a free design proof for the project.


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