2 Popular Ways to Display Athletic Records Outside

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 04/06/2018

School record boards are most often installed indoors, usually in the gym or athletic hallway. This is fine for sports that are played indoors, but creates a disconnect for sports that compete on fields and courts outside the building. Many fans and rival teams who attend sporting events never see the inside of the school. This is where an outdoor record board can be beneficial. It offers the opportunity to display records right where they’re broken, and where fans congregate.


The obvious reason to display records is simply to recognize the hard work of your athletes and coaching staff and showcase the history of your team. Another function is aesthetic. A record board, along with other well-placed signage, can unify your outdoor facility offering a professional and branded appearance.

Displaying a record board outdoors presents challenges not faced indoors. The most obvious challenge is the harsh weather outdoor signage must endure, but another often overlooked obstacle is finding a place to hang one. Below are the two most common ways to display a record board at an outdoor venue.


Most outdoors record boards are fastened to a wall or fence much like a typical sign. High-traffic areas that people tend to gather are the most popular locations. Examples include: at the facility entrance, near concessions, on the back of a dugout, or even attached to a sturdy fence. Because they’re built for the outdoors, it is not necessary to choose a sheltered location, though it will increase the life of your record board.

For outdoor applications, we typically recommend our Laid-Vinyl Record Board. This record board starts with an aluminum base that is rated for highway-grade signage making it great for long-term outdoor use. Digitally printed graphics are then applied the surface and topped with a protective laminate. This laminate protects against harsh weather and includes an ultraviolet-light filter to prevent color fade.


Wall space can be in short supply at outdoor athletic venues. A post-and-panel style campus sign is a great solution for displaying a team record board when wall space is lacking. These too are best installed in high-traffic areas where fans and athletes hang out. Because they are freestanding, there is additional flexibility in where they can be placed.

Our typical freestanding record boards are made of aluminum featuring a 3” deep, cabinet style frame with aluminum message panels. The frame assembly slides into slotted 2.25” x 3” aluminum mounting posts. There is a standard color palette of paint colors along with custom color mixes available. Digitally-printed graphics are applied to the display panels and topped with the same protective laminate mentioned previously. They are designed to offer visual impact and are intended for long-term outdoor use.

Are you looking for a record board or other signage for your athletic venue? Reach out today to get the conversation started. We would be happy to answer questions and prepare a free proposal for the project.

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