Your Athletes Are in Shape for the Fall… Are Your Facility Graphics?

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 08/27/2019

The grass is freshly mowed, the stands are power washed, and the floors are waxed in preparation
for the new year. As the fall season heats up and the new school year begins, the condition of the
graphics on the walls and fences can often be overlooked.
There are a number of products that can help elevate the look and feel of your athletic facilities with
little effort and a modest budget. Here is a list of the most popular fall products requested by the
athletic directors we work with. If your facilities don’t look up to par, these items may be what is
needed to make the difference.




Windscreen is one of the most popular and versatile products for outdoor athletic facilities. Windscreen banners provide a professional and collegiate look as well as many additional benefits. They can be used to increase player concentration by blocking out distraction, improve ball visibility, reduce cross winds, and even hide unsightly views. They can even increase ticket sales by preventing people from viewing games from outside the fence.


boulevard-light-pole-bannerWelcome fans and other visitors with boulevard light pole banners along your drive, parking lot, and at your stadium. They are most often used to brand a campus with an oversized mascot, school name, or slogan. They can also be used to recognize championships, highlight key locations, or even to direct people where to park. There are several sizes available and we offer unique hardware that is ideal for high-wind locations.



post-and-panel-sign-for-campusCampus signs are another versatile product that is used for many things such as site identification, directional signage, and even to display team records. These post and panel style signs are free-standing and can be installed in places where wall space is limited such as near a ball field or along a sidewalk headed out to the stadium.
For a smaller and temporary option, consider an A-frame sign. These portable signs are perfect for directing people on gameday and announcing upcoming events.





Great for any location, large-format wall graphics show pride in your athletic facility. We often see them used to brand the facility or simply add a splash of color. Murals inspire players as they enter a locker room or gymnasium. These can incorporate player collages, championships, or designate different areas of your facility. There are several material options to fit all types of projects and budgets.



record-board-for-baseballNothing shows off the accomplishments of your athletes like a record board. Each sport has their standout athletes that should be celebrated. Record boards are also the single biggest motivator for current athletes. Every athlete is a team player, but great teams are made up of great players. Give them a goal to reach for and get their name up for everyone to see. With several types to choose from, there is a record board for any space. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, or in the pool area, each style of record board is easy to update.



team-picture-boardPicture boards are a great way to showcase images of your teams, outstanding athletes, or even coaches and staff. These picture boards are most commonly used to display a photo of each team and are organized by season. Some of the more creative uses have been hall-of-fame displays, professional sports alumni, and academic all-Americans. Photographs easily slide in and out of acrylic picture frames making them easy to update as necessary.


championship-banners-1No gym would be complete without championship banners. Every student, athlete, fan, or visitor that walks in your gym should know the accomplishments of your program. Championship banners are offered in two different styles. The traditional championship banner displays one championship per banner. These are great for high-level accomplishments, but you may run out of space if you are displaying league titles. Add-a-year championship banners allow you to consolidate your accomplishments into a relatively small space while leaving room for future growth.

Looking to get your facility graphics up to date for the fall season? Request a free proof and quote
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