High School Track & Field Records for Every State Meet in the U.S.

Posted by  Ryan Willi on 01/24/2019

Even as the snow is falling and winter still grips the country, it’s time to starting shifting focus to the upcoming outdoor track season. As the season begins approaching the starting blocks, it’s now the time for athletes and coaches to start setting goals and looking forward to the potential of breaking new records.


To help with your goal setting, we thought it would be helpful to gather the top high school track records from each state meet. Below is a collection of track records organized by state.

Some lists include just the 2018 records, while others include the best all-time track & field records. There are a few discrepancies between lists that included FAT times and those that did not. We compiled lists that provided the most consistency available. 

USA High School Track & Field Records: Boys Records  | Girls Records 

Alabama: Boys Records | Girls Records

Alaska: Boys & Girls Records 

Arizona: Boys & Girls Records 

Arkansas: Boys & Girls Records 

California: Boys & Girls Records 

Colorado: Boys & Girls Records

Connecticut: Boys Records | Girls Records

Delaware:  Boys Records | Girls Records

Florida:  Boys Records | Girls Records

Georgia: Boys & Girls Records

Hawaii:  Boys Records | Girls Records

Idaho:  Boys Records | Girls Records

Indiana: Boys Records | Girls Records

Iowa: Boys & Girls Records

Kansas: Boys & Girls Records

Kentucky: Boys & Girls Records

Louisiana: Boys Records | Girls Records

Maine: Boys & Girls Records

Maryland: Boys & Girls Records

Massachusetts: Boys & Girls Records

Michigan: Boys Records | Girls Records

Minnesota: Boys Records | Girls Records

Mississippi: Boys & Girls Records

Missouri: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Montana: Boys Records | Girls Records

Nebraska: Boys & Girls Records

Nevada: Boys Records | Girls Records

New Hampshire: Boys & Girls Records 

New Jersey: Boys Records | Girls Records 

New Mexico: Boys Records | Girls Records 

New York: Boys & Girls Records 

North Carolina: Boys & Girls Records 

North Dakota: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Ohio: Boys & Girls Records 

Oklahoma: Boys & Girls Records 

Oregon: Boys & Girls Records 

Pennsylvania: Boys & Girls Records 

Rhode Island:  Boys Records | Girls Records 

South Carolina: Boys Records | Girls Records 

South Dakota: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Tennessee: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Texas: Girls & Boys Records 

Utah: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Vermont: Boys & Girls Records 

Virginia: Boys & Girls Records 

Washington: Boys Records | Girls Records 

West Virginia: Boys & Girls Records 

Wisconsin: Boys Records | Girls Records 

Wyoming: Boys & Girls Records


 Hopefully this collection of records will help you and your athletes understand the performance of the top performers lies, and in turn help you decide where to set your goals for the season.

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