Three Tips to Acing Your Tennis Windscreen Purchase

Posted by  Seth Thitoff on 08/02/2019

Tennis windscreens make a big difference in the overall look of tennis courts. This immediate visual impact provides an especially good value considering they are surprisingly affordable. Additionally, they offer a host of other benefits such as reducing wind and blocking unwanted distractions.

If you’re considering custom windscreen for your tennis facility fencing, here are three important tips that will help ensure you get the most out of your purchase.


Don’t Overlook the Design

Many tennis windscreens are just a solid printed color. While this may offer some of the benefits of a windscreen, it is really a missed opportunity to emphasize your brand. Consider a custom design that highlights your logo, team colors, or other brand elements. This customization can really set your courts apart and offer a professional look.

Keep in mind that many people will be viewing your windscreen from a distance. You will want to make sure you maximize the legibility of any elements that need to be read and don’t have elements that are too subtle to be seen by the audience.

All Team Fitz tennis windscreens are custom designed. Our team of in-house designers and sales reps work daily with tennis coaches and athletic directors to ensure each design is impactful and meets the needs of the program.

Correct Sizing is Crucial

How a tennis windscreen is sized is an important factor in how attractive the final product appears, as well as how long it lasts. An ill-fitting windscreen will have unattractive gaps if it’s too small. Conversely, it will be difficult to tighten enough and will sag and wrinkle if it is too large. A windscreen that cannot be pulled taught will also be subject to a lot more abuse from the wind and will have a shortened lifespan.

The good news is it is not difficult to measure for a windscreen. Download our Windscreen Banner Toolkit for simple instructions that will walk you through the process. 

Choose the Right Material

Top quality windscreens are made with a material that is most commonly called mesh. Mesh is a woven material that has perforations throughout that allows wind to easily pass through. This is one of the most important differences between a high-quality windscreen and one that is subpar. A solid material, such as a typical vinyl banner material, will catch the wind acting like a sail putting unnecessary strain on fencing and will ultimately not hold up to the wind.

There are two types of mesh offered by Team Fitz. The cost is the same, it is really just a matter of what works best for your tennis courts. Our standard material is a 30% mesh, which allows 30% of wind to pass through unobstructed. It also allows limited visibility through the material, so it is a great for increasing privacy and limiting distractions on the court. This is our most popular option for most projects.

We also offer a 70% mesh option. As the name suggests, this option allows 70% of the wind to pass through. We typically recommend this material if a higher degree of visibility is desired. It is easier to see through at closer distances, but still offers the same visual effect when viewed from a distance.


Interested in taking a look at custom tennis windscreens for your courts? Reach out to a Team Fitz sales rep to get the conversation going. They would be happy to answer questions or get started on a custom proposal for the project.

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