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Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 03/23/2018

A special update from our Owner, Shaun Fitzgibbons, about the future of the industry.

In the last decade, our team has seen tremendous change in how we market our graphics and how we serve our customers. We have witnessed a movement in the world of athletics where competition is at an all-time high — and not just one the field! Schools have realized that the recruitment battle starts before an athlete even steps on a field.


Through the use of new or alternate uniforms, custom equipment, turf-field stadiums, state-of-the-art weight rooms, and campus branding, programs must innovate in order to stand out over their peers. Agree with it or not, athletics is often the way people experience a school or organization.

If the facilities look great, it reflects positively on the program. If the program looks great, they often do better attracting donors and influencing families to move to the district or enroll in their school. Ultimately, the programs with the most resources and the best athletes are the ones with the best chance to win on the field.

The Power of Professional Looking Facilities (at all levels!)

People appreciate when a facility looks good. This positive experience reflects on the program and the individuals who are in charge. This is most prominently seen at the top college football programs in the country. Each of these programs seems to be in an arms race to build the biggest and best weight rooms, team rooms, and stadiums. The buildings, equipment, and campuses are incredible, and you have to wonder how the highly recruited 18-year olds could ever make a wrong decision when picking a school.

We have seen this kind of investment in facilities filter down to high school and youth programs. The budgets might not be the same, but the goal to improve the fan and athlete experience is the same. Coaches, parents, athletes, and administrations are proud of their teams and they want to show that off. They all want to celebrate their programs and create the best athlete and fan experience possible.

Where the Graphics Industry Is Headed

As this school year winds down and the next one approaches fast, we expect to see investment in student-recognition and facilities to increase. The world is speeding towards greater customization and better recognition of individuals. The digital era brings some amazing ways to broadcast news, updates and accomplishments to a greater audience, but games and memories are not made in the digital space.

Our products provide the opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and recognize them on the wall for all time. We create awesome graphics that people want to take pictures in front of and share with others. Even if the team is not up to championship standards, our signs and graphics can help to create a championship-caliber environment the kids and parents will be proud of.

Where Team Fitz Graphics Fit In  

These big and beautiful new facilities, usually come with many bare walls and open spaces. We see it as our job to provide eye-catching graphics and functional signage that match the quality of the new facility and enhance the team’s brand. For those programs that are looking to upgrade existing facilities, it’s incredible what fresh paint and striking graphics placed in key locations can provide.

Simple additions such as directional signage, wall graphics, championship recognition signage, hall of fame displays, entrance identifiers, windscreens, and light-pole banners pull segmented buildings together to create a cohesive campus.  

Outfitting an entire campus or new athletic facility all at once can be daunting and sometimes out of budget. We often recommend that the right approach can be to start small. To start, focus one main wall graphic, upgrade one specific item (banners, hall of fame, or record boards), or create better visitor flow with wayfinding signage.

Once this first project is installed, our customers quickly receive feedback and we start work on the facility or campus as a whole. Our design team builds upon the previous designs to ensure a cohesive look is achieved. The infrastructure already exists, all that is needed is a plan to better use the wall space and sightlines to create an exciting experience.

What the Future Looks Like for Team Fitz  

To prepare for this continued investment in student-athletes, Team Fitz Graphics has invested as well. We recently completed a 6,000 sq. ft. expansion which more than doubled our production space. We have acquired new printers and equipment that further our capabilities and quality.

We’ve even converted our old production space into new office space expanding another 3,000 sq. ft. This gives us the room and ability to more than double our staff. For our employees, we continue to pursue new ways we can invest in them, because just like your athletes, they are our most important asset. 

While the paint on the walls has barely dried, we are excitedly looking at our own facilities and considering the best ways we can show our team pride, recognize previous accomplishments, and recruit the best talent. Reach out to us to find out how we can help you do the same.

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Director of Operations / Owner
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