How Great Athletic Directors Separate Their Facilities From the Rest of the Pack

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 06/06/2018

The summer is the perfect time to reset your expectations for the upcoming school year and get your athletic facilities ready for the flock of fans coming in the fall. While your athletes are hard at work in the weight room or on the practice fields, reward their sweat and dedication by modernizing your outdoor facilities. Here are two effective ways that Athletic Directors can separate their facilities this summer.


Get Your Program’s Brand on Track

This may be table stakes, but building a consistent, united brand throughout your outdoor facilities is a great way to set your program up for success this summer. There are number of ways this can be accomplished, but the most common graphics used for this brand-building are custom campus signs, boulevard banners and stadium flags. These versatile signage options are often used to make an immediate influence.

While custom campus signage is a staple of colleges and universities, this sign option is becoming a popular choice for high schools that are looking to add a professional touch. Perfect for site identification, way-finding or directional signage, campus signs have a lot to offer to brand consistency at your school.

Generally seen hanging off street lights, boulevard banners are a fantastic way to greet fans and visitors alike. Use them for wayfinding, team recognition, or even general branding, these custom banners can serve a number of important purposes throughout the year.

Looking for high visibility when comes to your stadium? Stadium flags are the ideal option for displaying your school logo or mascot high above your stadium. These heavy-duty flags are made from double-sewn nylon and finished with the standard canvas header and grommets — typically seen on American flags.

Find Cost Effective, High Impact Solutions

One of our most popular outdoor banners is the windscreen. This all-purpose banner can be used throughout your facilities in a number of unique, impactful ways. Whether it’s on your tennis court, around the fence at your ball park, or riding high along the back side of your stadium, windscreen banners are an exciting way to refresh any outdoor facility.

Our cost effective, digitally printed mesh fence banners can even add some real function to your fences. They help improve ball visibility, block outside distractions, and (like the name suggests) reduce the wind flow for fields and courts.  

Interested in upgrading your facilities this summer? Start a conversation and find a solution tailor-made for your school. Our experienced team is ready to prepare your free proof and quote today!

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