Gulf Shores Pumps Up Football Program with Weight Room Record Board

Posted by  Shaun Fitzgibbons on 01/25/2018

When Gulf Shores High School contacted us to build a record board for their weight room, our design team got started right away. The Dolphins of Gulf Shores were looking for a custom board that would be used exclusively by their football program.


Get Specific To Your Team

Many strength record boards are built to be used by all teams in the weight room. While this type of general board is a popular option that can benefit multiple sports, it doesn't allow individual teams to maximize their strength training through precise board customization.

By having a board dedicated to one sport, you can choose the exercises and strength tests that are most relevant to the individual goals of that team. A dedicated board can also be helpful for the athletes and coaches to compare members of the same team rather than comparing against all the athletes in the school.

Our design team worked with Gulf Shores on the custom layout for their record board. They chose to incorporate ten different categories including bench, squat, power O, and clean to track strength; 20-, 40-, and 300-yard dash for speed; and L-drill, vertical jump, and broad jump to measure agility and explosiveness.

To add historical perspective, a space for the all-time strength leader was included for each category. Below that, spaces for the top-10 current athletes were included. By including this large number of current record holders, the coaching staff and players were able to really hone in on the depth of their team in the weight room. It also has the added advantage of getting more guys on the board, encouraging friendly competition to climb the ranks.

Quality To Last A Lifetime

Like all custom dry erase boards Team Fitz produces, the Gulf Shores board is built to last. Each board is custom printed using a durable sublimation process and coated with a high-gloss protective coating. These boards are so durable they are guaranteed for life. If you ever experience any ghosting, color fade, or other defects in materials or workmanship, Team Fitz will replace it.

Team Fitz offers several custom products for the weight room including record boards, motivational signs, and wall graphics—designed to help you produce results. Reach out today for more info and a free custom quote!

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